Monday, December 10, 2012

$5 Gift Card Promotion at Target Best Deals

Right now through December 15th Target has a HUGE buy 4, or buy 3, or buy 2, of various items and get a $5 Target gift card.

I spent a long time looking at all the deals before I decided which ones were actually a great deal. My price point for all shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and lotions are $1 or less, or FREE. Here are what I consider a good deal, and at the bottom is just a list of the prices I gathered on various items so you can decide for yourselves. Keep in mind prices and promotions might vary per Target location.

You might want to check out this website which features tons of Unilever products and coupons for them. You have to register to print coupons:

Dove products- buy 4 gt a $5 Target gift card, which is like getting a $1.25 discount per item.

-Nourishing Oil 12 oz shampoos and conditioners $3.49 each, or 25.4oz $5.79
If you are able to get the Ibotta app on your smart phone or iPad, there is a $1.50 off 1 coupon. I do not have this app yet, so I'm not sure what size product the coupon counts towards, or how many times you can use it. If you can get this coupon and use it on the 12oz $3.49 shampoo or conditioner, that drops the price to $1.99. After the $5 gift card, its like getting it for 74¢, which is an amazing stock up price.

St Ives- buy 4 gt a $5 Target gift card, which is like getting a $1.25 discount per item.
-Blemish control scrub 6oz, $3.04. Has a $1 off coupon sticker on the item. After using this coupon, and the gift card discount, you get each for 79¢ each.
- Various 10oz sized scrubs are $3.29 each, and also have a $1 off coupon sticker on them. After coupon and the gift card they are $1.04 each.

Ponds- buy 4 gt a $5 Target gift card, which is like getting a $1.25 discount per item.
- Facial cleanser 6oz, or cream cleanser 6oz, $4.69 each. Use the $1 off 1 Ponds product printable coupon found HERE, or some of the product themselves have a $1 off coupon sticker on them, to get each for $2.44. This is not $1 or less, but this is a product and brand that barely ever goes on sale. So if your a Ponds product fan, its a good deal. Facial cleansers and moisturizers dont go on sale very often.

Noxzema-  buy 4 gt a $5 Target gift card, which is like getting a $1.25 discount per item.
- Deep Cleansing Cream 12oz $3.99 each. Use the 75¢ off 1 Target printable coupon found HERE, and after the gift card discount, they are $1.99 each. Again, this is a product that doesnt go on sale often, and its for the 12oz size.

Tresemme- buy 4 gt a $5 Target gift card, which is like getting a $1.25 discount per item.
 -Various varieties of their huge, 32 oz shampoos and conditioners are $3.39. I cant find any coupons for Tresemme, so they are $2.14 each after the gift card discount. That is a great price for these huge 32oz bottles. My $1 or less price rule is for the smaller 12-18oz sizes.

At Kroger there is a $2 off 2 Tresemme tear pad coupon. If you can find it, each bottle will be $1.14 after the coupon, and taking the gift card into account. This is a great stock up price!

There is a $1.50 off Tresemme Split Remedy shampoos or conditioners coupon on the Ibotta app, if that variety is part of this deal.

- Various Tresemme gels, hair sprays, and mousses are $3.49 each, making them $2.24 each after the $5 gift card. Not a bad price for this brand of hair stylers.

BIC Soleil Bella- Get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 3.
BIC Soleil Bella 3 ct disposable razors, $5.04 each. There was a $2 off BIC disposable razor coupon in the Dec 9th SmartSource, and there is a $2 off coupon printable on their facebook page HERE.  You need 3 of these coupons, one for each pack. You will end up paying $9.12 out of pocket, but you will get back a $5 gift card, making each pack $1.37.

AXE- buy 4 gt a $5 Target gift card, which is like getting a $1.25 discount per item.
Various deodorants $3.49 each. There is a $1 off 1 deodorant 2.7-3oz coupon in the Dec 2nd SmartSource. Combine this with the $5 gift card discount, and they are $1.24 each. AXE products rarely ever go on sale or have a special promotion. If you love AXE deodorants its an "ok" deal. I say "ok" because I find very frequently, other brands of mens deodorants for $1 or less or free, so I would rather get that pricing than by AXE, especially since I dont care about what brands I buy.

There is also a $2 off 1 AXE detailer coupon in the Dec 2nd SmartSource. I'm not sure what a "detailer" is, but I did see a 'body & hair tool" product for $3.99. If they are the same thing then it would be 74¢ after all discounts.

This is what the AXE detailer looks like, and is $3.99 each according to the price seen on Targets website.

*Note that the $2 off 1 AXE shower gel coupon is only valid on the 16+oz sizes. The only shower gels I noticed that were part of the gift card promotion were the 12oz sizes...this could just be my Target though.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide- $5 gift card when you buy 1
$5 Target gift card when you buy 1 fusion proglide razor, manual or power razor at $9.74 each AND a Gillette razor cartridge pack, 4ct manual cartridges are $14.69 each. There was a $5 or $10 off proglide razor coupon in the Dec 2nd Redplum So you get the fusion proglide razor for free, and the 4ct cartridges for $9.96 after taking the $5 gift card into account. To sweeten the deal there was a BOGO mens disposable razor coupon in the Nov 25th P&G insert. So you could get 2 Fusion ProGlide razors, and a 4ct cartridge pack for $9.96 after all coupons and the $5 gift card, thats $3.32 each item.

Prices of other items. I could not find coupons for any of them as of yet, but at least you know how much thy cost so you can make a decision if its worth it. Maybe a coupon will pop up before the promotion expires Dec 15th.

Buy 4 get $5 Target gift card
- Exfoliating wipes 25ct $4.99 each

OR go to Walgreens through Saturday, and get 2 Simple cleansing wipes, which are BOGO 50% off for $6.49. Print 2 of the $1.50 off 1 Simple coupon found at, to pay $6.49 out of pocket, but you get back 6,000 balance rewards points, which is equal to $6.00. That means you get both items for 49¢ each.

-Simple Kind to Skin cleansing facial wipes 25ct $4.99

3oz Therappe shampoo $4.94. Regular sized shampoos starting at $9.49.

Smooth iron hold spray, smooth serum, heat tamer products, $3.99 each
39 oz shampoos and conditioners $5.50 each

Clear Scalp Therapy
12.7oz shampoos and conditioners $4.99 each

25.4oz Cool Moisture shampoos and conditioners $5.79 each
16 oz Body washes, various $4.69 each
4 pack of bar soap $5.54 each
Clinical protection deodorants 1.7oz $7.89 each

various womens deodorants 2.6oz $3.84 each
2 pack womens deodorants $3.99 each
body mist 3oz $3.99 each
13.5oz cream oil lotion, and Shea butter cream oil lotions $5.99 each

Dove Men + Care
3oz Deodorants $3.84 each
2 pack, of 2.7oz each deodorants $6.99
4 pack of bar soap $4.95
18oz body wash $5.34

Mens deodorants 2.7oz $3.84 each
2 pack, mens deodorants $3.99 each
Active clean deodorants 2.6oz $3.84
Invisible solid deodorants, I think this was the womens type 2 pack $3.99

20.3oz mens body & face lotion $5.49
7.5oz petroleum jelly $3.29
4.5oz creamy petroleum jelly deep moisture, $3.29
3oz Intensive care healthy hand and nail $3.44
3oz Intensive rescue hand cream $3.44
20.3oz Aloe fresh lotion, & cocoa radiant lotions $5.49 each. Some had a $1 off coupon hang tag.
20.3oz Intensive rescue lotion, Intensive total moisture lotions, & Repairing moisture fragrance free lotions, $5.49 each. many had a $1 off coupon hang tag on them.
32oz Intensive Rescue lotions, Total moisture lotions, $6.74 each. Some had $1 off coupon hang tags.
32oz Intensive rescue value pack, and Cocoa radiant value pack lotions $6.69 each. Many had a $1 off hang tag on them.

32oz Aloe lotion, Vitamin E lotion, Advanced therapy lotions, & Cocoa butter with Shea lotions, $3.99 each
6oz Professionals dry shampoo $3.49
2 pack, 25oz each, shampoos and conditioners $5.49 each
12.6oz Professionals keratin shampoos and conditioners $3.49 each
5oz Professionals keratin lave in conditioner $3.49 each
2 pack, 10.5oz each Kids dutch apple detangler spray $3.49 each
2 pack, 22.5oz each, Kids shampoos and conditioners $5.49 each
2 pack, 25oz each, 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioners for Men $5.49 each

3.2oz wax, paste, & spiking gels, hair styling products $6.99 each
2.64oz styling cream, putty, whatever paste, and styling creams, $$6.99 each
3oz Deodorant/antiperspirant $3.74 each
2.7oz deodorants $3.74 each
4oz body sprays $3.49-$3.99
22oz Just clean shampoo $5.99 each
12oz shampoos and conditioners 2-in-1 $4.79 each
12oz Axe excite daily clean shampoos, and anti-dandruff shampoos $4.49 each
12oz body wash/ shower gels $3.99 each
Body & hair tool $3.99 each

St. Ives
21oz Naturally indulgent, intensive healing, naturally soothing, daily hydration, & skin renewing lotions $3.99 each

750 ct pack $4.99 each

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy
12.9oz Deep cleans & nourish shampoo and conditioners $4.99 each
3.3oz nourishing scalp hair oil $4.99 each
6.7oz Intense scalp & nourishing balm $4.99 each
12.9oz Mens scalp therapy 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners $4.99 each

Relaxer kit $6.99 each
11.25oz oil sheen conditioning spray $3.99
8.5oz Foaming wrap lotion $3.99 each
13oz Moisture plus conditioner, shampoos, and Lavish conditioning, $3.99 each
13oz Weightless detangling conditioner $3.99 each

4 pack bar soap $3.99
18oz body wash $3.99

Buy 3 get a $5 Target gift card
40 ct ultra thin long pads and ultra thin maxi pads $5.99 each
36ct ultra thin maxi pads with wings $5.64 each

U by Kotex
28 ct overnight, 32ct heavy absorption, 36 ct regular pads $6.99 each

Buy 2 get a $5 Target gift card

Dr. Scholls
Various products starting at $5.49
There are lots of coupons for Dr. Scholls products found HERE.

Preference hair colors $8.99 each
Feria hair colors $7.99 each
Apparently at there is a $3 off Feria hair color coupon, and there is supposedly a $2 off coupon found HERE.

Complete Revita Lens
10oz contact solutions $7.99 each
Revita Lens travel pack $3.99

Products starting at $9.94

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