Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Ocean Spray Juice at Publix

Publix has Ocean Spray Juices 64 oz buy one get one free for $3.79.

Use this buy one Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice get one Ocean Spray Cherry Juice for free coupon found on facebook by clicking HERE.

If you live in Florida you will get both juices for free. If you live in other states you will get both for half off one bottle so with the buy one get one free it would be $1.90 for two bottles.

You can only print one per computer, and only one per facebook page. You must log into facebook and click the like button the the Ocean Spray facebook to be able to print your coupon.

I went immediately to get this deal at Publix after I printed my coupon. I live in Florida so I got both FREE! Also, you dont have to buy the regular Cranberry juice in order to buy this coupon. Therefore you can buy the cranbery blends like Cran-Grape etc... to qualify for the free Cherry juice. I got Cran-Pomegranate.To get more of these coupons ask your friends if they would like the Ocean Spray facebook page and print the coupon for you. Or have different people in your household print one from their facebooks on different computers.

FREE Sominex and Phazyme Money Maker at Publix

The last couple weeks at Publix shoppers were scrambling to find the Ex-Lax and vitamin deals they had going on. Now starting with the new Green Advantage flyer, the best deals is the Sominex and Phazyme promotion.

I didn't even know what Sominex and Phazyme was, nor did I need it. But for every 2 Sominex that you bought with the corresponding coupons, you got them for free plus made $2.62 in overage.

Sominex 16 tablet $3.19 each, get 2 = $6.38
- $5 off 2 Sominex Publix Green Advantage flyer coupon
- $2 off 1 Sominex printable coupon found HERE (print 2 of these). Click on the Savings tab and you must sign up to print the coupons.
= Free plus $2.62 overage

Phazyme $3.49 each, get 2 = $6.98
-$5 off 2 Phazyme Publix Green Advantage flyer coupon
-$2 off 1 Phazyme printable coupon found HERE (print 2 of these). Its the same website as the Sominex coupon, so you must sign up.

This is the new Green Advantage Flyer. You can grab as many as you like. From my understanding you can only use 6 Publix coupons per transaction. Deals end February 17th 2012.

Unfortunately for me I could not find any Phazyme in stock...but I will keep checking. I applied my overage to buy some chicken.

If you don't use these products donate them.

FREE Speed Stick Deodorant at CVS Plus Money Maker

CVS has this deal with certain products that if you spend $12 you get a $6 extra care buck good on your next purchase. The last day for this deal is this Saturday.

I was running very low on mens deodorant and antiperspirant so I grabbed the opportunity to stock up on lots of Speed Stick Deodorant and Antiperspirant.

I got 7 Speed Sticks to make my total $13.93 so I could qualify for the $6 extra care buck. However, some of the Speed Stick varieties scanned at $0.99 each. This was the Clean Stainguard variety shown below. Maybe it was on clearance or there is a mistake with their system???

So my total was under $12 and I had to grab one more Speed Stick for a total of 8. My CVS only had 3 of the Clean scented ones, if they had more I would have saved even more money and got 13 of them.

So once you get your total to be $12 or more, use the following coupons:
2- Buy One Get One Free Speed Stick found in the Jan 29th Smartsource insert
2- $1/2 Speed Stick found in the Jan 15th Smartsource insert

I only get 2 newspapers so I only had 2 copies of these coupons. If you have more even better.

So my total was $12.92
- $3.99 buy one get one free coupon
-$3.99 buy one get one free coupon
-$1/2 coupon
=  $2.94 I paid out of pocket, and then I got a $6 extra care buck. So I got all the items for free plus made $3.06.
-$1/2 coupon

*Note that each Speed Stick was $1.99 or $0.99 but the buy one get one free coupons took off  $3.99.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free $5 Target gift card for signing up at

On the front page of it says that new sign ups will get a $5 Target gift card mailed to their house. So I signed up. It seems like a local deal based website similar to groupon or living social. They had some unique deals on there. It said I would get an e-mail confirmation about the gift card and it would take 1-2 business work weeks to get it.

To sign up click HERE and get a free $5 Target gift card.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Find Your Perfect Frugal Blog Match with Frugal Map

I wish I found this a long time ago. If you find a local frugal blog you will benefit more from the information they provide than other blogs. For example, the prices and deals in your area may not always be the same as in other parts of the country. Especially grocery prices. I'm in Orlando FL and my prices differ slightly than those in Atlanta Georgia where one of my favorite bloggers resides.

Check out the map by clicking HERE. Not all of the possible blogs in your vicinity are listed here but its a good start.

Valentines Day Coupons & Gift Deals

Here are some great frugal ideas for Valentines Day gifts, cards and treats:

Valentines Day Gifts

1/8ct Three Stone Sapphire Heart Pendant $19.99 with free shipping when you use the coupon code divas20. There is a limited supply and this code expires January 31st 2012. Click HERE to visit the website. Valentines Day Bonanza sale this weekend only January 28th and 29th. Buy your Valentines day gift early and save money. They have various gift ideas which only last for one day. Click HERE to check them out. You must sign up with the website to join and see the deals. huge Blowout sale. Click HERE to view the sale items. You must join the website to view the sale items. They have a wide selection of accessories starting at $2, lingerie, household items, shoes, handbags, and beauty items at great prices. Sales only last a few days so get them before they expire. Plus free shipping with your first purchase.

Papercoterie has a great deal for new customers. If your significant other likes scrap booking, photo products, calenders, journals, decor items, and memory boxes this site will give you a great deal. When you sign up and use the code FREETHIRTY you will get a $30 purchase credit and a purchase of $35 or more. It has been reported that if you attempted to buy something that was for example $25, this code will take off $25 instead of $30. This means you get free stuff, you just have to pay shipping. Some of their stuff is really cute and customizable with your own personal photos. Click HERE to visit their website.

Valentines Day Cards

American Greeting Cards $0.99 each plus free shipping when you use this code at check out AGVAL99. Click HERE to access their website. A lot of the designs to choose from allow you to put your own photos on them.

Restaurant Deals has lots of vouchers on sale for $2 by using the promo code DATE. Click HERE to access the website. You pay $2 to buy the voucher which gives you something like $25 off your meal with a minimum purchase of $35. I've used these before and its a nice way to eat at some place that is usually out of your budget. They have a decent list of nice restaurants to choose from. The sale ends January 31st so buy your voucher now. The vouchers I've bought have no expiration date but check the expiration date before you buy to make sure it wont expire before your Valentines Day date.

Check your local deals by visiting . When you go to the website look for the tan colored banner that says "Show your valentine how much you care....". Click on it and it will take you to a Valentines day specific deal section.They have tons of local restaurant coupons and activities that would make for a great Valentines day date or gift. You must join their website to see the deals.

More ideas will be added in future posts so check back frequently.

Dove Hair Care for $1 at Publix

This week Publix has conditioners, shampoos, and styling products from Dove on sale 2 for $6. Your Publix must accept Target as a competitor for this to work.

For every 2 Dove products that you buy use:
2- $1 off 1 Dove Hair Care Target coupon, click HERE to print out a maximum of 2 per computer. Click on the beauty section to find it faster.
2- $1 off 1 Dove Hair Care manufacturer coupon, click HERE to print out a maximum of 2 per computer. You will have to register with their website to get this coupon. This is when I use my alternate e-mail account designated for couponing activities.

= $2 for 2 Dove Hair Care products

Sale ends Wednesday or Thursday depending on when the new weekly flyer is released at your local Publix.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions is another rewards type website which gives you points for completing simple tasks such as quizzes and pledges.

To sign up click HERE.

When you get enough points you can exchange them for lots of different items. My favorite are the magazine subscriptions which only cost 100-150 points. You can easily obtain 100 points by doing just a few tasks. Everything is free, you just have to spend some time reading and learning about different ways to recycle and help the environment. So far I got subscription to Good Housekeeping which has high value coupons in it.

Follow this blog by selecting an option on the left to get the latest deal information as soon as possible before they run out or expire :).

$0.41 for $37.61 worth of Groceries at Publix

Today my new Publix sales were released. I have been looking since Jan 7th for this deal on Ex-Lax which I definitely don't need but I had a coupon combination that for every 2 that I bought I made $3.02 which was applied to the rest of my grocery total. Finally I found some toady. This deal ends tomorrow along with the green advantage flyer at Publix. So hurry up and see if you can find some in stock at your local Publix.

Ex-Lax 10 count soft gels $2.49 each. Get 2 of them to do the following:
-$5 off 2 Ex-Lax Publix store coupon found in the green advantage flyer which expires after tomorrow
- $3 off 2 Ex-Lax Manufacturer coupon found in Jan 8th Smartsource insert
= -$3.02
I did this twice so I got $6.04 applied to my groceries.

You can do this 2 times to get a total of 4 Ex-Lax. I tried to do it once more but the cashier said there was a limit of some sort...limit of 6 coupons or something I really did not understand. But if your smart you will split up your items into 2 or more transactions so that you can do it multiple times.

Kraft BBQ Sauce: buy one get one free $1.49 for 2. I had no coupons but it was a good deal.

Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese: buy one get one free for $2.59. I love this stuff so even though I did not have any coupons I still bought it. I got a total of 4 so I paid $5.18 for 4.

Campbell's Select Harvest Soups: buy one get one free for $2.49. I love the light versions because they are awesome if your on a calorie restricted diet.
-$1 off 2 coupon found in the Jan 8th Smartsource insert
= $1.49 for 2 cans. I got 4 so my total was $2.98.

General Mills Fiber One Cereals: on sale 2 for $5.
-$2 off 1 General Mills Cereal 15.6 oz and up. This Publix store coupon is found on the back of the weekly store flyer. Get 2 of these coupons. Make sure you choose Fiber One boxes that are 15.6oz or bigger.
-$0.75 off 1 manufacture coupon found in Jan 1st Smartsource. Get 2 of these.
OR even better print the $0.85 off 1 Fiber One cereals coupon found by signing up on the Pillsbury website by clicking HERE. Print 2 of these.

So, if you used the $0.75 coupons your total would be -$0.50 which is applied to your groceries. If you used the $0.85 coupon your total would be -$0.70.

Starkist 3oz pouches select varieties 2 for $2. Get 2 for each time you do this:
-$1/2 Publix store coupon found in the "Find Yourself in Good Health" Publix booklet found in your store or you can go HERE and print it out. Look on the right side and you will see the booklet virtually. Flip through some pages , click on the coupon, and print up to two times per computer.

-$0.50 off 1 manufacturer coupon found in the Jan 1st Redplum insert.

Unfortunately for me I all ready used the $0.50 coupon so I paid $0.50 for each packet but it was still a good deal.

Total without any coupons: $37.61
Total after coupons: $5.41
I had a $5 off $20 Publix coupon I got for changing my address. The post office packet that is mailed to you after you change your address has tons of coupons = $0.41 plus tax

You can find various $5 off some total coupons by using the ones from Winn Dixie or Dollar General. They have coupons like this frequently in their flyers. If your local Publix considers them a competitor they will accept these coupons. To find out who your local Publix considers a competitor go to the customer service desk and ask. They should give you a small piece of paper that lists which stores they consider competitors. Every Publix has a different list.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

$10 Credit for Signing Up at Vitacost

Sign up by clicking HERE.
Once you fill out the information the $10 credit code will be e-mailed to you.
Also, get more $10 credits for every friend you refer that signs up even if they don't buy anything. This is a neat way to rack up some credits to buy items. I bought some Johnson & Johnson baby products to give to my Brother who is having a baby soon. There is a huge variety of items sold on this website.

Pantene Pro V Free Full Sized Bottle Giveaway

Everyday for I don't know how long, Pantene is giving away free full sized bottles of various shampoos or conditioners. You need to wait for the voting to open up and vote on which product you would like best out of the options shown. If your choice is the first to get 2000 votes, then you won and will be sent to a page that will ask for your address so they can send you the coupon.

Click HERE to visit the Pantene Facebook page where the voting takes place. You must be logged into your facebook and click on their like button to be able to vote. I'm not sure what time it opens, but today it was 8:00pm EST. I set an alarm for 7:55pm so that I would have plenty of time to log in and get on their page. As soon as it was 8:00pm I refreshed the page so I could start voting.

It looks like their Ice Shine collection has won consistently so I voted for that one and won. I could have sworn that I saw tomorrows voting takes place at 9:00pm EST??? I don't know but you can check their facebook for the count down timer shown in top right corner of the picture.

Publix: Stock Pile Worthy Deals

Here are the cant miss deals at Publix which started either today or tomorrow depending on what day your Publix's new weekly ad is released.

 Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail or Juice Drink 64 oz: buy one get one free for  $2.95
- $1 off 2 coupon found in October edition of Better Homes & Gardens, or Good Housekeeping
= $1.95 for two bottles of juice

Kraft BBQ Sauce 16.25-18oz: buy one get one free for $1.49 =  $0.75 each
Great deal without using any coupons.

Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese: buy one get one free for $2.59 =  $1.30 each
Great deal without using any coupons.

Campbell's Select Harvest Soup 18.6-18.8oz: buy one get one free for $2.49

-$1 off 2 found in Jan 8th Smart Source
= $1.49 for 2 or $0.75 each

General Mills Fiber One Cereals: on sale 2 for $5
-$2/1 coupon found on the back of your local Publix sales flyer (must have 2 of these)
-$0.75/1 coupon found in the Jan 1st Smart Source (must have 2 of these)
= -$0.50, you get both cereal boxes for free, plus you make $0.50.

This deal works because you can stack one store coupon with one manufacturer coupon per item.

Starkist Tuna Packs: on sale 2 for $2
-$1/2 printable found by looking at your local Publix weekly flyer online at You will notice on the right side of the frame a tan colored virtual booklet called "Find Yourself in Good Health". Flip through the booklet and click on the Starkist coupon to print.
-$0.50/1 coupon found in the Jan 1st Smart Source (you need 2 of these)

UP2U Gum 14 count: sale for $0.99, sale ends Feb 3rd for this item
-$1/1 coupon found in the Han 1st Smart Source

In my opinion these are the best deals. If you want the full version of deals visit or .

Free Kleenex for You + 1

Sign up by clicking HERE to get a free pack of Kleenex for you plus a friend.

I'm not sure how long this deal will last but it is kind of cool to watch your chain of free packs mailed out grow.

If the site is down for maintenance then check back later until its back up again.

7 Days of FREE Voskos Yogurt until 8pm EST Time Today ONLY

 This deal is now over. It really did work though! I got an e-mail saying my coupons would arrive in 90 days via mail. I've never tried Greek style yogurt, any recipe recommendations?

Get coupons for 7 FREE Voskos Yogurts with granola by watching this video:

Click HERE to watch the video

All you have to do is e-mail

Write in your e-mail the 3 captions that appeared in the video. Make sure you write your name and address too because these coupons are mailed out to you. If your not sure look at all the comments below the video.... 

You have until 8:00pm EST TODAY ONLY to send this e-mail 

I sent my e-mail. Other people have commented that they got an e-mail back confirming their submission. Please comment below if you got something or some kind of e-mail communication about this deal. 

Free Kindle Books: Cook Books Edition

This is a list of some awesome FREE Kindle cook books:

 Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

JC Penny Red Zone Clearance Event

JC Penny is having a huge clearance event including clothes, baby items, and housewares. I'm not sure how long it will last so grab the deals while you can. You can also get FREE ship to store by using the code FREESHIP with no minimum purchase amount required.

I got tons of cute baby clothes for my Brother's soon to be born child. I spent $23 on 6 outfits/clothes sets! Plus this is a great opportunity to stock up on gifts for birthdays, mothers day, Christmas, etc...

Lock & Lock 50% Off Home Good Items has promo code WINTERFEVER which will give you 50% off your order. Check out their clearance section to grab great deals on various items such as plastic food storage containers, baby feeding items, and kitchen wares.

There are plenty of items starting at $1+ and shipping is only $3.99. Would make for some good gifts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DailyFeats: Earn Rewards

Sign up on to start earning rewards for basically tracking your progress on starting new habits that are supposed to make your life better and healthier.

I found out about this cool site from who has partnered up with DailyFeats to help newbies gain points faster. When you sign up enter the promo code southernsavers100 to instantly get 100 points after you click on the e-mail confirmation sent to the e-mail you provided.

As you record your habits you will earn points along the way. Eventually you rack up enough points to exchange them for coupons or gift cards. Not bad for keeping track of simple tasks.

There are many rewards that cost less than 100 points so you will get rewards quickly. You can search local rewards for coupons such as 50% bowling for 80 points. Or you can donate to the charity of your choice or get gift cards for a wide selection of stores. Even if you think you might not use these items, they will make great gifts for someone else.