Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wal-Mart Price Matching Deals for Houston through Galveston September 4-10

These prices are good from September 4th – September 10th
These deals are good for Wal-Mart’s from Houston through Galveston. Please be advised that your Wal-Mart might have a different criteria on which stores they will price match too. My local Wal-Mart here is Galveston will price match to a 50 mile radius. Your Wal-Mart might only match a 3 mile radius, or only to stores in the same country etc…But in general, Wal-Marts from Galveston and Southern parts of Houston will price match to the stores included on this list. If you have any issues or exceptions please comment on this post.

Wal-Mart price matching policy states that you don’t need to bring each and every grocery store ad to show them. Just notify your cashier that you will be price matching X item to X price that you found at X store. Please be aware, that employees are usually told to ask for the ad anyways. Just kindly say that corporate policy says you don’t have to.

Stay organized! I like to write the prices and store on sticky notes that I attach to the items. The cashiers really appreciate this.

SS = SmartSource coupon insert from the Sunday newspaper
RP = RedPlum coupon insert from the Sunday newspaper
PG = Proctor & Gamble coupon insert in the Sunday newspaper
RED coloration means the item is FREE, most likely after using a certain coupon
BLUE coloration means the price/deal is crazy good, rock bottom price and you should stock up on it.

Drumsticks 57¢ per lb at Foodarama

Boneless chicken breast $1.79 per lb at Kroger

Sirloin chops $1.27 per lb at Food Fair and at Foodarama

Pork shoulder butt roast or picnic 99¢ per lb at Kroger 

Boneless pork loin $1.99 per lb at Kroger

USDA Select boneless beef shoulder roast $2.18 per lb at Sellers Bros

Bone in beef back ribs 98¢ per lb at Sellers Bros

Whole beef ribeye boneless, sliced free $2.97 per lb at Baywood Foods 

Bottom round or rump roast $2.97 per lb at Foodarama

T-bone steak $3.97 per lb at Foodarama

Wings or necks 99¢ per lb at Foodarama

Wild caught flounder fillets $2.29 per lb at Baywood Foods

Farm raised tilapia fillets $2.29 per lb at Baywood Foods

Sausage, Hot Dogs, and Lunch Meats
Eckrich smoked sausage 13-14oz or Smok-y links 8.3oz $1.99 each at Kroger

Kraft American cheese singles 12oz 99¢ each at Kroger 

Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese 8oz 99¢ each at Kroger 
Crystal Farms brand shredded or chunk cheeses 8oz $1.77 each at Food Town 

Borden American Singles 12oz $1.79 each at Baywood Foods

Borden shredded cheese 8oz $1.79 each at Baywood Foods 

Apples, red delicious type, 4 for $1 at Food Fair
Apples, Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, or Golden Delicious 3 for 99¢ at Kroger
Bartlett pears 4 for $1 at Food Fair
Broccoli crowns 99¢ per lb at Kroger  
Calabacita squash 68¢ per lb at Foodarama 
Cantaloupe 79¢ each at Aldi
Carrots, 1lb bags 2 for $1 at Foodarama
Celery, whole fresh 78¢ each at Baywood Foods
Chayote squash 68¢ per lb at Foodarama 
Grapes, red 79○ per lb at Aldi
Grapes, black seedless or red globe grapes 99¢ per lb at Sellers Bros 
Grapes, black seedless 99¢ per lb at Kroger
Grapes, green seedless 89¢ per lb at Baywood Foods 
Green bell peppers 2 for 89¢ at Baywood Foods 
Hass avocados 4 for $1 at El Ahorro
Jalapeño peppers 57¢ per lb at Food Fair
Lettuce, includes Romain, green leaf, or red leaf 99¢ each at Kroger 
Lettuce, Iceberg 78¢ each at Foodarama 
Limes, Persian variety 10 for $1 at Foodarama 
Mangos 39¢ each at Aldi 
Nectarines 68¢ per lb at Foodarama
Peaches 68¢ per lb at Foodarama
Plantains  2lbs for $1 at El Ahorro
Plums, red or black 97¢ per lb at Food Fair
Pluots 99¢ per lb at Sellers Bros
Poblano peppers 87¢ per lb at Baywood Foods 
Red onions 79¢ per lb at Fiesta Mart 
Roma tomatoes 64¢ per lb at Ziegler Foods
Tomatoes on the vine 99¢ per lb at Kroger
Watermelon small 99¢ each at Sellers Bros
Valencia oranges 5 for $1 at Fiesta Mart  
Yellow onions 3lbs for 99¢ at Sellers Bros

Ragu pasta sauces 45oz $1.88 each at Food Fair

Maruchan ramen noodle soup 3oz 6 for $1 at Food Fair

Libby's canned vegetables 14.5-15.5oz , green beans (regular, french style, or Naturals), whole kernel corn (regular or naturals), cream style corn, beets, or peas 2 for $1 at Sellers Bros

Pioneer brand pancake mix 32oz 99¢ each at Food Town 

Pillsbury cake mixes 15oz 99¢ each at Baywood Foods 

Hunt's BBQ sauce  21oz 88¢ each at Baywood Foods

La Moderna pastas 7oz 2 for $1 at Baywood Foods

Sunbeam 20oz bread 99¢ each at Kroger
Blue Bell ice cream or sherbert 16oz pints 99¢ each at Kroger 

Barilla Plus pasta 14oz 99¢ each at Kroger 
-$1 off 2 or 55¢ off 1 coupon from SS July 28th
= 98¢ for 2 or 44¢ each depending on which coupon you have

Imperial sugar 4lb $1.99 each at Randalls

Cafe Diario 11oz classic blend $1.99 each at Food Town 

Borden Super Chox gallon $1.99 each at Food Fair

Ocean Spray cranberry juice 32oz 88¢ each at Ziegler Foods

Tampico citrus punch gallon 99¢ each at Sellers Bros 

Dr Pepper or 7Up 2 liters  88¢ each at Kroger
Lipton, Crush, Sierra Mist, or Manzanita Sol 2 liters 99¢ each at Food Fair

All varieties of Crush 12 packs 12oz cans $2.69 each at Food Town

Dr Pepper 10 sodas, 12 pack 12 oz includes Dr Pepper 10, 7Up 10, Sunkist 10, RC 10, and A&W 10, $2.99 each at Food Fair

Coca Cola products 12 pack 12oz cans includes  Coca Cola, Diet Coca Cola, Sprite, and Fanta $2.99 each at Ziegler Foods

Powerade 32oz 59¢ each at Food Fair and at Kroger

Powerade Zero 32oz 59¢ each at Kroger 

Home, Health, & Pet
Sun 2X liquid detergent 188oz $5.55 each at Food Town 

Scott extra soft bath tissue 12 rolls $4.99 each at Foodarama 

Deals You Can Only Get at These Stores
For one reason or another Wal-Mart will not price match these offers ad to get them you will have to go to that store. Examples include price matching to store brands like Target’s Market Pantry brand, or a catalina deal since Wal-Mart doesn’t print catalinas.

Kroger brand macaroni and cheese 2 for $1
Kroger brand 18 count large eggs $1.49 each 

Friendly Farms brand milk gallons $1.99 each
Goldhen dozen large eggs 89¢ each

Stores Used to Price Match
Aldi lot of locations Pasedena through Houston
Arlan’s Market, locations in Galveston, Seabrook, Crosby, & Santa Fe.
Baywood Foods location in Hitchcock and Freeport
CVS all locations nation wide
Fiesta Mart locations all over Houston
Foodarama locations all over Houston
Food Fair locations in La Porte through Houston
Food Town locations in Webster through Houston
HEB locations from Texas City through Houston
Krogers locations in Galveston through Houston
La Michoacana locations in Galveston through Houston
Randalls locations in Galveston through Houston
Walgreens all locations nation wide
Ziegler Foods locations in Dickinson
El Ahorro locations in Houston
Sellers Bros
99¢ Only
Big Lots
Dollar General
Dollar Tree
Family Dollar