Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Garden Update November 20 2013

I have been using compost tea, liquid seaweed, blood meal, and bone meal as my organic fertilizers of choice and I must say that my plants all look very healthy and a lot of growth has occurred within the last month.

I harvested my first green beans and dragon tongue beans of the fall/winter season.

It was about 2lbs worth!!! These were planted direct sow 2 months ago. I love bush beans, they always produce so much very quickly. Too bad the Dragon Tongue beans color doesn't stay after being cooked. It turns to a greenish/yellow after cooking. I immediately washed them and put them in the fridge to get cold after harvesting so they dont wilt.

Plot #1 Growth

Plot #1 today:
What is in this plot: Left side are Blue Lake Bush beans #274 which I started harvesting today.
Middle: Cauliflower "Cheddar" and "Graffiti" hybrids.
Back/Right side: Cauliflower "White Cloud" hybrid

Plot #2 Growth

Plot #2 today:

What is in this plot: left side: Brussels Sprouts "Bubbles" hybrid

Middle: growing on the small round tomato cage Oregon Sugar Pod II peas
Back/right side: Mixture of various carrots includes "Muscade", "Amarillo" and "Chantenay Red Core"

Plot #3 Growth
Plot #3 today:
What is in this plot: left side very back more carrots, I think these are "Muscade" and next to them are "Purple of Sicily" Cauliflower which I started from seed and is taking a long time to take hold and grow.
Middle: Dragon Tongue green beans, which I harvested for the first time today
Right Side: "Little Marvel" peas growing up a few tomato cages.

Plot #4 Growth
Plot #4 today:

What is in this plot: left side very back has some sweet bell peppers that are starting to die off from the cold weather thats coming in. Next to it is a "White Russian" Kale which has really taken off. I had a "Redbor" Kale next to it but it just randomly died.
Middle to right side: All of it is "Calabrese Green Sprouting" Broccoli which I started from seed. Its been taking a long time to really take off. Today is when I could verify that my seed starts are going to survive and have taken hold in their soil. I expect them to produce in about 1.5 months, closer to the beginning of January.

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