Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Best Meat, Produce, and More Deals at Kroger, HEB, Randalls, & Arlan's Market

The prices and deals listed below are effective for Wednesday March 6th through Tuesday March 12th.

Arlan's Market
Based on store ads for Galveston, Seabrook, & Crosby
**Coupon Policy** They do not accept internet coupons. They triple any coupon with a value up to 39¢, and double coupons from 40¢ to 50¢. If you have 2 of the same coupon, only 1 of those will be double or tripled. So its best to make separate transactions or make a purchase at a later time if you want to buy multiple of the same item with coupons. This policy is not entirely coupon friendly, and its very limiting, but you can score a few free items very now and then. The fact that they don't accept internet coupons is such an archaic thing though :(.

Fresh country style pork ribs, 99¢ per lb
Beef boneless shoulder roast $2.99 per lb. This is pretty good for being boneless. 
Fresh pork butt roast 99¢ per lb
Bar S jumbo franks, 99¢ each
Aberdeen Farms bacon $2.09 each
Bar S Bologna 79¢ each
Rath brand lunch meats 12oz, $1.29 each

Green or red leaf lettuce 99¢ each
Roma or salad tomatoes 69¢ pr lb 
Green sweet bell peppers 3 for $1
Red, gold, or orange sweet bell peppers 59¢ each
Russet potatoes, 3lbs for $1
Green cabbage 3lbs for $1
Sweet navel oranges 6 for $1
Small hass avocados 2 for $1
Cucumbers 3 for $1
Ataulto mangos 2 for $1

Other Deals
Parade canned diced tomatoes, 3 for $1 
Red Gold brand tomato sauce 8oz cans 4 for $1
Anatina pastas, 2 for $1. Stock up on pasta now!
Langer's brand cranberry pomegranate or cocktail blend 64oz juice $1.77 each

Home, Health, & Pet 

Based on Texas City store ad
Fresh pork picnic roast $1 per lb

Strawberries, 1lb $1.77 each 
Green bell peppers 3 for $1
Poblano peppers 97¢ per lb
Green cabbage 3lbs for $1
Texas spinach bunch 98¢ each
Jonagold apples 97¢ per lb at HEB Bay Colony location


Other Deals
HEB brand Honey Nut Oats or Honey Nut Toasted Oats cereals, 5 for $5

Home, Health, & Pet 
Right Guard Sport Invisible Solid or Clear Gel antiperspirant and deodorants 97¢ each with in store coupon

Based on Galveston store ad

Kroger split chicken breast, bone in 99¢ per lb. This is stock up price!

Green beans 99¢ per lb

Kroger brand cheese 12-16oz $2.99 each 
FREE gallon of milk when you buy 4 participating brands: Kellogg's, General Mills, Post, Cascadian Farms, Quaker, & Kashi! Here is a huge list of coupons available for these brands:

General Mills coupons: 75¢ off Kix cereals, 50¢ off Lucky Charms, $1 off 2 cereals of various varieties, $1 off 2 varieties of Cheerios, 50¢ off 1 FiberOne bars, 75¢ off Wheaties, all these coupons are found HERE.

Quaker cereals are 2 for $5 = $2.50 each. No coupons available as of yet for Quaker products.

Kellogg's cereals are $2.99 each. Available coupons include: $1 off 2 All Bran or FiberPlus cereals, if included in this promotion, 50¢ off 1 Apple Jacks, 50¢ off 1 Frosted Mini Wheats Crunch, and $1 off 3 various Kelloggs cereals, all these coupons are found HERE.

Post cereals: the only coupon I found is at and its $1 off 1 Post Shredded wheat cereals.

Cascadian Farms: $1 off 2 cereals coupon found HERE, $1 off 1 coupon found by signing up HERE,

Kashi: $1 off 1 Berry Fruitful cereals found at

Other Deals
Kroger brand bread 10 for $10, or $1 each 

Pillsbury Artisan Pizza crust, reported to be part of cart buster sale, priced at $1.50 each.
-$1.50 off 1 coupon found HERE

Welch's Light Grape juice $1.92 each
-75¢ off 1 coupon found HERE and HERE
=$1.17 each

Home, Health, & Pet 

I didnt see any good deals here this week

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