Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Grocery Deals at Kroger, HEB, Randalls, & Arlan's

The prices and deals listed below are effective Wednesday May 22nd through Tuesday May 28th.
SS = SmartSource coupon insert found in the noted Sunday's newspaper date
RP = Redplum coupon insert found in the noted Sunday's newspaper date

Arlan's Market
Based on store ads for Galveston, Seabrook, & Crosby
**Coupon Policy** They do not accept internet coupons. They triple any coupon with a value up to 39¢, and double coupons from 40¢ to 50¢. If you have 2 of the same coupon, only 1 of those will be double or tripled. So its best to make separate transactions or make a purchase at a later time if you want to buy multiple of the same item with coupons. This policy is not entirely coupon friendly, and its very limiting, but you can score a few free items very now and then. The fact that they don't accept internet coupons is such an archaic thing though :(.

Fresh pork sirloin chops $1.39 per lb
Pork spareribs $1.99 per lb
Gwaltney sliced bacon 12oz $2.69 each
Bar S lunch meats, 14oz, bologna or salami $1.49 each

Peaches $1.38 per lb
Russet potatoes 5lb bag 99¢ each
Watermelons 2 for $5, this is a great deal if they are the large sized not the personal sized

Kraft Cool Whip 8oz 99¢ each

Based on Texas City TX store ad

Beef Ribeye steaks $3.97 per lb!!! Possibly the lowest price I have seen on Ribeye.
Beef T bone steaks $3.97 per lb! great price on steaks this week!
St. Louis style pork spareribs $1.97 per lb
Country Style pork ribs $1.47 per lb
Bar S franks 78¢ per pack
Live Louisiana crawfish Friday through Sunday only 99¢ per lb

Seedless watermelon $2.98 each! This is an amazing price if its for the big melons, not the personal sized.
Salad tomatoes 58¢ per lb
Blackberries 6oz $1.77 each
Mangos 2 for $1
Limes, 8 for $1

Grocery Deals $1 Each Mix & Match
Hill Country Fare Vanilla Wafers 10oz $1
Hill Country Fare Relish 10oz $1
HEB Creamy Creations ice cream cups or Sugar Cones 12ct $1
French's Yellow Mustard 8oz $1
HEB flour tortillas 20ct $1
HEB corn tostadas 14oz $1
HEB steamable frozen vegetables 12oz $1
McCormick Grill Mates seasoning blends $1
HEB It's Juice 100% apple juice $1
Hill Country Fare liquid dish soap 34oz $1

Home, Health, & Pet
HEB brand charcoal briquets 16.6lb bag $3.98 each, regular or mesquite
Scott extra soft bath tissue 12 rolls $4.97 each pack with in store coupon

Kroger- There are some amazing deals this week!!!
Based on Galveston TX store ad

Johnsonville Brats or Italian Sausages $2.99 each 16oz pack
-$1 off 1 coupon from SS April 28th
OR $1 off 1 from RP April 28th
OR $2 off 1 Johnsonville Grillers, if included at the $2.99 price
= $1.99 per pack

Beef brisket- whole untrimmed $1.49 per lb!!!! This is the lowest price I have ever noticed on beef brisket. Sold whole in a bag, limit of 2 per customer, with an additional $10 purchase.

Kroger ground beef 73% $1.99 per lb, sold in 3lb or 5lb rolls.

Texas whole seedless watermelon $3.77 each
Blueberries 6oz BOGO, 2 for $3.99
Driscoll's strawberries 16oz $1.68 each

Kroger brand cheeses 8oz $1.77 each
Kroger brand sour cream $1 each (part of buy 10 for $10)
Kroger brand cream cheese $1 each (part of buy 10 for $10)

Minute Maid Juice drinks 59oz $1 each (part of buy 10 for $10)

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce 18oz $1 each (part of buy 10 for $10)
-$1 off 2 coupon from SS May 19th, or you may of got the $1 off 3 or $1 off 4 version
= 50¢ each

Kroger brand breads $1 each (part of buy 10 for $10)

Based on Galveston TX store ad

**check for the $5 off your purchase of $20 or more coupon on your Personalized Deals section on the Randalls website***

Rancher's Reserve Beef Ribeye steaks $3.99 per lb! Great deal, but you need to buy an additional $25 worth of stuff to get this pricing, and its limited to 2 packs per customer.

Salmon, farm raised color added $5 per lb Friday through Monday only
Pork country style ribs $1.29 per lb

Bi-Color corn on the cob 5 for $1
Seedless watermelon $3.77 each, great price if its the large melons, not the personal sized.

Lucerne cream cheese 8oz 49¢ each!!! With the eCoupon on the Randalls website. Limit of 4.

Skinner pastas 89¢ each
Safeway brand apple juice 64oz $1.58 each. This is a deal I added to my shopper card in the Personalized Deal section of their website.

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