Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Deal Round Up At Lots of Stores Nation Wide!!

This is a HUGE list of tons of deals I'm finding on all kinds of things at all sorts of stores and on the internet. Take advantage of these Memorial Day Specials and stock up! More deals will be added as I find them.

Grill Necessities
Kingsford Charcoal- 40lbs total twin pack of two 20lb bags of charcoal for $9.99 at Lowes and at Home Depot too but I dont see it in their ad. This is such a great deal!! Stock up on enough charcoal to last you the summer.

Charcoal- 16.6lb bags at HEB $3.98 each with in store coupon.

Selection of Cookwares and Utensils BOGO at select Krogers

Meats Perfect for Grilling
Ribeye steaks $3.99 per lb at Randalls & HEB stores. You might be able to price match this price at Walmart for example, if they consider Randalls or HEB a competitor in their area. Also, check your stores local ad to see if they have this pricing available.

T-Bone steaks $3.99 per lb at select HEB stores

Beef Brisket untrimmed $1.45 per lb at select Kroger stores

Johnsonville Brats or Italian sausages $2.99 each at Krogers
-$1 off 1 coupon from SmartSource April 28th or RedPlum April 28th
=$1.99 each package

Kroger brand ground beef 73% $1.99 per lb

Forever 21 huge clearance up to 80% off sale plus free shipping with orders over $50

$4.99 for this cute top!

Snapple gallon iced teas $2.79 each at Walmart
-$1 off 1 printable coupon from (if you dont see it use zipcode 77554)
= $1.79 each

Welch's Light Refrigerated juices 59oz $2 each
-$1 off 1 printable coupon from (if you dont see it use zipcode 77554)
= $1.00 each

Minute Maid refrigerated juices 59oz $1 each

Dream beverages (alternative milks) $1.99 each at Kroger
-$1 off 1 printable coupon  from
= $1 each K cups and ground coffee BOGO and FREE shipping when you use the code TRYGEV82 at check out. I love love love their dark chocolate truffle flavored coffee. Most coffees are $6.99, so get 2 for $6.99 or $3.49 each plus free shipping.

Eye Glasses has a FREE pair of prescription glasses to new customers only! Use promo code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout. You have to pair for shipping which varies depending on where you live. I got my glasses for $9.99!!! They have a huge selection to choose from.

Produce & Food Items
Watermelon $3.77 each at Walmart and Krogers. These are the large sized melons!
Corn on the cob, 8 for $1!!!!! Best price I have ever seen at Krogers. This was at my local Korgers, I cant gurantee its at other Krogers too but its worth a check.
Corn on the Cob 5 for $1 at Randalls, price match at Walmart
Corn on the Cob 22¢ each at Walmart
Cantaloupe $1 each at Walmart
Kroger brand breads and buns $1 each at Krogers

Castleberry Chili sauce canned, 99¢ each at Krogers OR 58¢ at Ingles
-$1 off 2 printable coupon from
= 49¢ per can at Krogers or 8¢ each at Ingles

S&W canned kidney beans 75¢ each at Walmart
-$1 off 2 printable coupon found HERE
= 25¢ each

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce $1 each at Krogers or price match at Walmart
-$1 off 2 coupon from SmartSource May 19th
=50¢ each

Golden Grain Mission pastas $1 each sale price through May 28th at Safeway & possibly Randalls
-$1 off 2 coupon from SmartSource May 12th
=50¢ each

Vlasic Pickle Relish 10oz $1 each at Krogers
-$1 off 1 printable coupon from

Home Goods
Scott Extra Soft double rolls 16 ct $5.99 each
-$1 off 1 coupon from SmartSource May 12th insert
=$4.99 each = 31¢ each
When each roll is less than 50¢ each, thats a great deal so stock up!

Schick Disposable Razors 4count BOGO at $7.99 at Kmart
-BOGO coupon for Schick Disposable Razors in SmartSource April 28th

2 cu ft premium colored mulch, 4 bags for $10 at Lowes.

2 cu ft all natural pine mulch 6 bags for $10 at Home Depot

1 cu ft Miracle Grow garden soil bags 4 for $10 at both Lowes and Home Depot

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