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Wal-Mart Price Matching for Houston through Galveston July 24th - July 30th

These prices are good from July 24th – July 30th
So get all the best grocery deals in one store instead of driving all over town.

NEW! Just added Sellers Bros and 99¢ only stores to this list. We are very lucky to have such a wide variety of stores that we can price match with. If you know of any other grocery stores, please comment. I moved to Texas last year so I'm still getting familiar with the stores in the area.

Walmart price matching policy states that you don’t need to being each and every grocery store ad to show them. Just notify your cashier that you will be price matching X item to X price that you found at X store. Just in case you have a problem, at the bottom is a list of all stores used with a link to their online ad. I can pull up the ad on my phone.

Stay organized! I like to write the prices and store on sticky notes that I attach to the items. The cashiers really appreciate this.

SS = SmartSource coupon insert from the Sunday newspaper
RP = RedPlum coupon insert from the Sunday newspaper
PG = Proctor & Gamble coupon insert in the Sunday newspaper
RED coloration means the item is FREE, most likely after using a certain coupon
BLUE coloration means the price/deal is crazy good, rock bottom price and you should stock up on it.

Banquet chicken nuggets 24oz bag $2.99 each at Ziegler's Foods

Drumsticks 88¢ per lb at Food Town

Split chicken breast $1 per lb at HEB

Bone in Sirloin chops 97¢ per lb at Baywood Foods

Country style pork ribs $1 per lb at HEB

Sugerdale shank portion or butt portion ham $1.29 per lb at Food Town

Baywood Foods pork sirloin chops bone in

Boneless shoulder roast $2.59 per lb at Ziegler's Foods

Boneless beef loin tip steaks $2.27 per lb at Sellers Bros

T-bone steak $3.47 per lb at HEB

Skirt steak $3.97 per lb at Foodarama

Boneless whole beef ribeye $2.97 per lb at Baywood Foods

Baywood Foods beef whole ribeye

Wings, drumsticks, or necks 99¢ per lb at Foodarama

Butterball turkey bacon 6oz $1.29 at Walgreens
-55¢ coupon from SS June 30th
= 74¢ each

Butterball Turkey Bologna 16oz $1.59 each at Food Fair

Farm raised tilapia fillets $2.49 per lb at Baywood Foods

Whole tilapia $1 per lb at El Ahorro

Whole king fish $2.99 per lb at Fiesta Mart

Whole farm raised Atlantic salmon $4.99 per lb at Fiesta Mart

Pollock fillets, skinless boneless $1.99 per lb at Fiesta Mart

Whole white perch $2.69 per lb at Fiesta Mart

Catfish nuggets $1.77 per lb at Sellers Bros

Wild caught cod portions frozen in 2lb bag $6.98 each at Krogers

Texas gulf headless extra large shrimp 36-40 count $4.99 per lb at Fiesta Mart

Raw gulf shrimp 60-80 count wild caught $5 per lb at Randalls on Friday July 26th only

Randalls raw gulf shrimp deal

Sausage, Hot Dogs, and Lunch Meats
Gwaltney brand sliced bacon 12oz $1.97 each at Baywood Foods

Oscar Mayer bologna and salami 14-16oz includes red rind, bacon, or jalapeno $1.49 each at Ziegler's Foods

Oscar Mayer wieners regular, jumbo, bun length, or smoked sausage 14-16oz $1.49 each at Ziegler's Foods

Oscar Mayer meat hot dogs 12oz 97¢ each at Baywood Foods

Hillshire Farms smoked rope sausage 14oz, smoked, or polska 2 for $4 at HEB

Eddy brand smoked sausage all varieties 14oz $1.77 each at Food Town

Land O'Frost premium sliced meats 1lb, honey smoked turkey, honey ham, smoked ham, or turkey breast $3.77 each at Foodarama
-$2 off 2 Land O'Frost premium coupon coming in Sunday July 28th RP insert = 2 packs for $2.77 each.

Velveeta shreds 8oz $1.99 each at Food Town

Ole brand crema Mexicana 15oz $2 each at Foodarama

Bailey's Coffee creamer 16oz $1 each at HEB

Country Crock spread 45oz tub $2.88 each at Sellers Bros

Produce- LOTS of great deals this week on everything you can think of for produce. If its blue that means stock up like crazy. I recommend to stock up on blueberries and strawberries and freeze them. Soon berry season will be over and you wont find a good deal on them until next year.
Apples, red delicious snack size 4 for 89¢ at Baywood Foods
Apricots $1.99 per lb at at Fiesta Mart
Bartlett pears 4 for $1 at Foodarama
Cantaloupe 99¢ each at Sellers Bros and at 99¢ Only 
Carrots, get two 1lb bags for $1 OR each bag is 50¢ at Sellers Bros
Celery 99¢ each at Food Town
Chayote squash 2lbs for $1 at Foodarama and at Sellers Bros
Cucumber 2lbs for 89¢ at La Michoacana 
Ginger root $1.49 per lb at Fiesta Mart
Grapes seedless, green and red 98¢ per lb at Baywood Foods
Grapes, white seedless 88¢ per lb at Krogers
Green bell peppers 3 for $1 at Food Fair and at HEB
Green cabbage 2lbs for $1 at Foodarama
Hass avocados 3 for $1 at HEB
Hatch peppers 68¢ per lb at Krogers
Jalapeno peppers 69¢ per lb at at Food Town or 2lbs for $1 at Sellers Bros
Jicama 2lbs for $1 at Sellers Bros
Key limes 25 for $1 at Sellers Bros
Kiwi 4 for $1 at Foodarama
Lemons 5 for $1 at Foodarama
Limes 20 for $1 at El Ahorro
Limes, Persian variety 20 for $1 at Foodarama
Mangos 5 for $1 at Seller Bros
Nectarines 59¢ per lb at Ziegler's Foods
Peaches 67¢ per lb at HEB
Plantains 2lbs for 99¢ at La Michoacana 
Plums red or black 67¢ per lb at HEB
Poblano peppers $1.18 per lb at Foodarama
Portabella mushrooms 5oz $1 each at 99¢ Store
Roma tomatoes 58¢ per lb at HEB
Serrano peppers 74¢ per lb at Ziegler's Foods
Strawberries, 1 lb 99¢ each at 99¢ Only 
Sweet onions 40¢ per lb at Aldi
Tomatillos 2lb for 89¢ at La Michoacana 
Tomatoes 20 oz packages 59¢ per package at Aldi
Valencia oranges 5 for $1 at Foodarama
Watermelon, seedless 99¢ each at Seller bros
White onions 3lbs for 99¢ at La Michoacana 
Yellow onions 39¢ per lb at Ziegler's Foods or 3lb for $1 at Seller Bros
Vidalia onions 79¢ per lb at Fiesta Mart
Zucchini 59¢ per lb at Aldi

Foodarama produce deals
99¢ Store produce prices straight from their website. Some of this is printed in their ad, others are not. But the prices are shown on their website so Wal-Mart will price match.

Lou Ana brand vegetable or canola oil 24oz $1.79 each at Ziegler's Foods
-55¢ off 1 Lou Ana product coupon from RP March 10
= $1.24 each

Rose-Dale brand canned tomatoes whole, diced, or stewed 14.5oz 2 for 88¢ at at Ziegler's Foods

Kikkoman teriyaki or soy sauce 10oz 79¢ each at Ziegler's Foods
-55¢ off 1 Kikkoman product coupon from SS May 12th
= 24¢ each

Pioneer brand all purpose bleached flour 5lb $1.77 each at Food Fair

Libby's brand canned vegetables whole kernel corn, cream style corn, cut or french style green beans, or sweet peas 14.5-15.5oz 2 for $1 at Food Town

PictSweet brand family size cut or breaded okra 28oz, broccoli cuts, mixed vegetables, cut corn, cut green beans, or green peas 26-28 oz $1.99 each at Food Town

Van Camp's original pork and beans 15oz cans 2 for $1 at Food Town

Butterball canned chicken broth 14.5oz 2 for $1 at Walgreens

Hunt's canned tomato sauce 8oz 2 for $1 at Walgreens

Morrison's corn kits 6oz 3 for $1 at Food Town

Peter Pan brand peanut butter 16.3oz jars $1.88 each at Fiesta Mart

Hunt's barbecue sauce 21.6oz 88¢ each at Randalls

Hunt's Manwich 15-16oz 99¢ each at Sellers Bros

Chef Boyardee canned pasta 7.25-15oz 88¢ each at Randalls

Chicken of the Sea, chunk light tuna canned 5-6oz 88¢ each at Sellers Bros

Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce 23.5-24oz 99¢ each at Randalls

Post cocoa or fruity pebbles 11oz, or honeycomb 12.5oz cereals $1.99 each at Foodarama

Kellogg's cereals 8.7-13.7oz $1.67 each at Walgreens
Use any of the coupons found below:
$1 off 2 Krave, Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran, or Corn Flakes coupons found HERE
50¢ off 1 Cinnamon Jacks, Crunchy Nut, or  Froot Loop Treasures coupon found HERE
70¢ off Cinnamon Jacks from

Lady Liberty brand pieces and steam canned mushrooms 5oz 2 for $1 at Food Town

Del Monte brand 24oz ketchup 99¢ each at Baywood Foods

Hot pockets all varieties 6.5-9oz $1.69 each at Foodarama
-$1 off 2 coupon from RP July 28th
= 2 at $1.19 each

Sunbeam 100% whole wheat bread 20oz loaf $1.79 each at Foodarama

Bimbo soft white bread family 20oz loaf $1.69 each at Foodarama

Sara Lee brand 100% whole wheat bread 20oz loaf $1.38 each at Sellers Bros

Pace picante sauce 8oz $1 each at Krogers

Pillsbury Grands Jr biscuits 10 count, cinnamon rolls 5 count, or crescent rolls 4 count $1 each at Krogers

Welch's grape jelly 22oz squeeze bottle 77¢ each at Food Town
-$1 off 2 coupon in RP July 28th
= 2 for 54¢ or 27¢ each

Tony Chachere's dirty, gumbo, red beans, or jambalaya rice mixes 6-7oz 88¢ each at Food Town

Food Town special value deals

Folgers brand coffee 10.5-11oz $2.88 each at Food Fair
-$1 off 1 printable coupon found HERE
= $1.88 each

Oak Farms brand gallon milk, whole, 1%, 2%, skim, or chocolate milk $2.99 each at Sellers Bros

Old Orchard brand fruit punch 64oz $1.39 each at Food Fair

Ocean Spray 60oz 100% juice $1.99 each at Food Fair

Kool-Aid bursts 6 pack 88¢ each at Ziegler's Foods

Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail 32oz 88¢ each at Sellers Bros

Ocean Spray Ruby Red juice 32oz 99¢ each at 99¢ Only 

Tropicana pure premium orange juice 128oz jugs $5.88 each at Sellers Bros

Borden citrus punch 1 gallon 99¢ each at Sellers Bros

V8 Splash all varieties 64oz $1.66 each at Fiesta Mart

Sunny Delight 128oz $1.99 each at Ziegler's Foods

Sunny Delight 64oz $1 each at Krogers

Crush, Lipton, Sierra Mist, or Manzanita Sol 12 pack 12 oz cans $3.33 each at Food Fair

Dr Pepper 10, 7 Up 1-, A&W 10, Sunkist 10, and Canada Dry 10, 12 pack 12 oz cans $2.99 each at Food Fair

Dr Pepper all varieties 12oz 12 pack cans $3.33 each at Food Town

Powerade 32oz drinks 69¢ each at Randalls

Coca-Cola and Pepsi products 12 pack 12 oz cans $3.33 each at Walgreens

Dr Pepper, 7 Up, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry, or Hawaiian Punch 2 liters 88¢ each at Walgreens

Home, Health, & Pet
Colgate toothpaste 4.6oz $1 each at Krogers
-$1 off 1 coupon from SS July 28th = FREE

Colgate toothbrush 1 count $1 each at Krogers
-$1 off 1 Colgate 360 manual toothbrush SS July 28th = FREE

Glade aerosol spray 8-9oz 88¢ each at Food Fair

Purina Dog Chow 16.5-20lb bags $10.99 each at Food Fair
-$2 off 1 coupon in RP July 28th OR $3 off 1 Light & Healthy coupon in RP July 28th
= $8.99-$7.99 each

Alpo prime cuts dry dog food 16lb $7.38 each at HEB

Royal Oak brand charcoal 8.5lb bag $1.99 each at Sellers Bros

Glade carpet and room deodorant 32oz 2 for $3 at Baywood Foods and at Foodarama
-$1 off 2 printable coupon from
= 2 for $2

Gain dish liquid 24oz $1.79 each at Baywood Foods

Dawn dish liquid 48oz $2.75 each at Family Dollar
-50¢ off 1 Dawn hand renewal, power clean, bleach alternative, or Oxi coupon from July 28th PG
= $2.25 each

Ajax dish detergent 30oz $1.44 each at Sellers Bros

Palmolive dish detergent 30oz $2 each at Big Lots
-50¢ off 1 coupon from SS July 28th
= $1.50 each

Kleenex facial tissue 85 or 100 count 79¢ each at Randalls

Sun 2X liquid laundry detergent 45.4oz $1.77 each at Foodarama

Sun liquid laundry detergent 188oz $4.50 each at Family Dollar

Angel Soft bathroom tissue 12 regular rolls $3.69 each at Fiesta Mart = 31¢ per roll

School Supplies
Top Flight brand spiral notebooks 70 count college or wide rule 19¢ each at Krogers

Oxford brand 3x5 index cards 100 count blank or ruled 45¢ each at Krogers

Office Works brand #2 pencils 10 count 50¢ each at Krogers

OfficeMax- Starting July 28 - August 3rd
OfficeMax brand 8.5x11 multipurpose paper 500 sheets $6.99 each but get back $6.98 in MaxPerks Rewards making it 1¢ after rewards. 

Selection of Backpacks 1¢ each after MaxPerks Bonus rewards. 
Avery 5160 white laser mailing labels 3000 pack 1¢ each after MaxPerks Bonus rewards.
Boise X-9 multipurpose 10 ream case of paper $9.99 each after MaxPerks rewards.
OfficeMax brand clear zipper binder pocket 1¢ each with additional $5 purchase
Westcott 5inch Junior blunt or pointed scissors 1¢ each with additional $5 purchase
OfficeMax brand 1-hole punch with grip 1¢ each with additional $5 purchase
OfficeMax brand 4oz glue bottle and glue sticks combo pack 50¢ each
Avery 5-tab insertable dividers 50¢ each. Could price match at Walmart.
FREE Sharpie accent assorted tank style highlighters 4 pack coupon in the OfficeMax ad
PaperMate InkJoy Quatro 4-color retractable pens 3 pack $1 each coupon in OfficeMax ad

Office Depot-
Starting July 28 - August 3rd
Office Depot brand acrylic 12 in ruler 25¢ each
Office Depot brand 6 inch protractor 25¢ each

Office Depot brand composition book 25¢ each
Schoolworks 5inch kids stainless steel scissors 50¢ each

Starting July 28 - August 3rd
Slider pencil case 1¢ each after $5 minimum purchase

2 pocket paper folders 1¢ each after $5 minimum purchase
Staples brand school glue 4oz 1¢ each with $5 minimum purchase
Recycle your old plastic binders and get $2 towards a new binder
Staples brand photo supreme paper 8.5x11 50 pack $2 after Staples Easy rebate.
Zebra Z-Grip retractable ballpoint pens 7 pack $1 each
PaperMate sharpwriter 0.7mm mechanical pencils 5 pack 50¢ each
Staples brand 12inch see through plastic ruler 50¢ each
PaperMate magic rub erasers 3 pack 50¢ each
Staples brand micro-perforated writing pad, wide ruled, letter size 50¢ each
We Wipes 30 pack 50¢ each

BIC white-out quick dry correction fluid 2 pack 50¢ each, limit 2, can price match at Walmart
-$1.50 off BIC stationary items from Facebook, if you printed it before it ran out = FREE

BIC Velocity gel pen black 2 pack 50¢ each, limit 2
-$1.50 off BIC stationary items from Facebook, if you printed it before it ran out = FREE

Walgreens- Starting July 28 - August 3rd
Paper Mate 6 pack highlighters 49¢ each. If Walmart has this product you can price match at Walmart.

Elmer's Glue 4oz or sticks 2 pack 49¢ each. Can price match at Walmart.

Wooden ruler 12 inch 19¢ each

Wexford band scissors 5inch pointed or blunt tip 49¢ each

Deals You Can Only Get at These Stores
For one reason or another Walmart will not price match these offers ad to get them you will have to go to that store. Examples include price matching to store brands like Target’s Market Pantry brand, or a catalina deal since Walmart doesn’t print catalinas.

Kroger brand bread loaf 20oz or buns 8 count $1 each
Kroger brand sour cream or dips 16oz $1 each
Simple Truth brand organic canned beans 15oz $1 each

Friendly Farms brand gallon milk $1.89 each
Goldhen eggs 12 dozen 89¢ each

Meat buy one get one free mix and match sale. Be careful. They tend to hike up the price on sales like this. I'm not sure what the prices are so use the prices below as a guide. Includes small packages of your choice of the following:
Rancher's Reserve boneless beef bottom round roast - good deal if they are $3 or less per lb
Rancher's Reserve boneless beef bottom round steak- good deal if they are $3 or less per lb
93% lean ground beef - good deal if they are $3 or less per lb
Sanderson Farms boneless skinless chicken breast, tenders, or thin sliced - good deal if they are $2 or less per lb
Pork shoulder country style ribs or boneless shoulder country style ribs- good deal if they are $2.50 or less per lb

Fresh Express brand spinach 9-12oz bags $1 each
Fresh Express brand garden plus salads 9-12oz $1 each

Randalls buy one get one free meat mix and match event

Hill Country Fare brand canned vegetables 14.75-15.25oz whole kernel corn, cream style corn, cut green beans 2 for 88¢

Sunny Smile brand paper towels 8 rolls $3.99 each
-$1 off 1 Walgreens in store coupon found in the July Walgreens coupon booklet
= $2.99 each = 37¢ each

Nice! brand dozen large eggs 99¢ each

Walgreens brand milk gallon $2.99 each

Stores Used to Price Match
Aldi lot of locations Pasedena through Houston
Arlan’s Market, locations in Galveston, Seabrook, Crosby, & Santa Fe.
Baywood Foods location in Hitchcock and Freeport
CVS all locations nation wide
Fiesta Mart locations all over Houston
Foodarama locations all over Houston
Food Fair locations in La Porte through Houston
Food Town locations in Webster through Houston
HEB locations from Texas City through Houston
Krogers locations in Galveston through Houston
La Michoacana locations in Galveston through Houston
Randalls locations in Galveston through Houston
Walgreens all locations nation wide
Ziegler Foods locations in Dickinson
El Ahorro locations in Houston
Sellers Bros Houston locations
99¢ Only Pasadena and Houston locations- prices posted in their ad AND on their website. So if you dont see it in the ad, its price matched to website prices which Wal-Mart also does.
Big Lots
Dollar General
Dolalr Tree
Family Dollar

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