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Wal-Mart Price Matching Deals for Kissimmee, Orlando, St Cloud & all of Central Florida August 22-28

Wal-Mart Price Matching Deals for Central Florida, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, & Orlando

These prices are good from August 22nd – August 28th
Good to price match at Wal-Marts in Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and Orlando Florida.
Price match local grocery stores at Wal-Mart to get all the best grocery deals in one store instead of driving all over town.

Wal-Mart price matching policy states that you don’t need to bring each and every grocery store ad to show them. Just notify your cashier that you will be price matching X item to X price that you found at X store. Just in case you have a problem, at the bottom is a list of all stores used with a link to their online ad. I can pull up the ad on my phone.

Stay organized! I like to write the prices and store on sticky notes that I attach to the items. The cashiers really appreciate this.

SS = SmartSource coupon insert from the Sunday newspaper
RP = RedPlum coupon insert from the Sunday newspaper
PG = Proctor & Gamble Sunday newspaper insert
RED coloration means the item is FREE, most likely after using a certain coupon
BLUE coloration means the price/deal is crazy good, rock bottom price and you should stock up on it.

**A little note about meat** In order to price match meat at Wal-Mart it must match the type of cut, USDA rating, bone in, or boneless, etc... If your Wal-Mart doesn't carry an exact match, then you cant do it. For example, my local Wal-mart has Tyson brand boneless pork loin. They don't sell bone in pork loin. So I cant price match to the deal at Save-A-Lot mentioned below. Your Wal-Mart might carry bone in pork loin without being a certain brand like Tyson. Every Wal-Mart is a little different with their meat section. But the pork loin deal at Save-A-Lot is a really great price its worth making a stop at that store to stock up.

Split chicken breast $1.29 per lb at Save-A-Lot
Fresh boneless skinless chicken breast $1.89 per lb at Save-A-Lot

Whole pork shoulder 69¢ per lb at Sedanos
Boneless pork loins $1.79 per lb at Save-A-Lot
Bone in pork sirloin roast $1.19 per lb at Save-A-Lot

Save-A-Lot meat deals
Smithfield ham slices maple or honey 8oz packages BOGO, 2 for $3.49 at Publix
-$1 off 1 coupon from SS August 4th, you need 2 of these
= $1.49 for 2 packages

USDA choice certified angus beef, round tip boneless steak $3.99 per lb at Sedanos

USDA choice certified angus beef, top round steak boneless $3.99 per lb at Sedanos
USDA choice beef chuck mock tender whole $2.49 per lb at Sedanos 
USDA choice top round London broil $3.99 per lb at Publix
USDA select chuck steak $2.49 per lb at Bravo
Boneless beef bottom round steak (USDA inspected but not rated) $2.49 per lb at Save-A-Lot
73% lean ground beef $1.99 per lb at Save-A-Lot
Whole boneless sirloin tip $2.49 per lb at Winn Dixie
Breast of lamb $1.99 per lb at Bravo 

Bravo Lamb breast deal

Wild Alaskan salmon fillet $5.99 per 1.25 lb at Sedanos
Pollock fillets $1.79 per lb at Bravo

Sausage, Hot Dogs, and Lunch Meats
Butterball turkey bologna 12oz 99¢ each at Save-A-Lot
Jeannie-O turkey franks  12oz 89¢ each at Save-A-Lot

Apples, granny smith variety 79¢ per lb at Bravo
Avocados, large green type 3 for 99¢ at Sedanos
Beet bunches, 69¢ each at Sedanos
Calabaza 49¢ per lb at Bravo
Carrots, baby carrots 16oz package 55¢ each at Aldi
Dole classic salad mix 12oz bags 2 for $1 at Save-A-Lot
Grapes, red or white seedless 99¢ per lb at Save-A-Lot
Green onion bunches, 2 for $1 at Sedanos
Limes 10 for 99¢ at Sedanos
Nectarines 25¢ each at Aldi
Oranges, California 4lb bag for $3.69 at Sedanos 
Papaya 79¢ per lb at Sedanos
Peaches 25¢ each at Aldi 
Plantains 6 for $1 at Save-A-Lot
Plums, 25¢ each at Aldi 
Roma tomatoes 79¢ per lb at Save-A-Lot
Sweet onions 2lbs for 69¢ at Aldi
Watermelon, whole seedless $3.49 each at Save-A-Lot
Yellow onions 2lbs for 99¢ at Sedanos

Aldi produce deals
Kraft barbeque sauce 16.25-18oz 69¢ each at Sedanos

Goya canned pigeon peas 15oz 79¢ each at Sedanos 
Banquet pot pies, fruit pies, or breakfast pies 7oz 69¢ each at Save-A-Lot
Hunt's pasta sauce 24oz cans 88¢ each at Save-A-Lot
Maruchan Yakisoba noodles  4oz 59¢ each at Save-A-Lot

Nature Valley crunchy granola 11oz bags BOGO, 2 for $4.49 at Publix
- $1 off 1 coupon from SS August 11th, you need 2 of these
= 2 for $2.49

Quaker chewy granola bars, big chewy, or dipps 6.1-7.4oz boxes BOGO 2 for $3.09 at Publix
-$1 off 2 quaker products manufactuer coupon from RP August 4th
= 2 for $2.09
To make this deal even better, do this at a Publix that accepts Target store coupons because there is a $1 off 2 Target store coupon found at which can be stacked with the manufacturer coupon making 2 boxes $1.09

Ken's Steak House marinade and sauce BOGO 2 for $2.99 at Publix
-$1 off 1 coupon from SS August 11th, you need 2 of these
= 99¢ for 2!!!

Nabisco Belvita breakfast biscuits 5 count 8.8 or 8.81oz boxes BOGO, 2 for $3.69 at Publix
If you do this at Publix, there is a $1 off 1 coupon in the "Make Their School Day Great" Publix booklet found in their store. If you get 2 of these, you can get 2 boxes for $1.69.

A1 Steak Sauce 10oz BOGO 2 for $4.45 at Publix
-55¢ off 1 coupon from, you need 2 of these
= $3.35 for 2

Weight Watchers ice cream bars, ice cream sandwich, frozen yogurt bar, frozen greek yogurt, or giant sundae cone, BOGO 2 for $5.79 at Publix
-$1 off 1 printable coupon found HERE, you need 2 of these
= $3.79 for 2 boxes

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel pastries or scrambles 10-11.5oz boxes, BOGO 2 for $2.95 at Publix
- 50¢ off 2 coupons from SS August 4th, SS June 23rd
OR you might be lucky and have the $1 off 1 coupon in SS June 23rd, you need 2 of these
=  95¢ - $2.45 for 2 boxes depending on which coupon you have

Freschetta pizza 16.08-28.01oz boxes BOGO, 2 for $6.89 at Publix

Powerade 32oz 59¢ each at Sedanos
Pepsi products, all varities 12oz cans 12 pack 4 for $10 at Sedanos 
Tropicana punch or lemonade 59oz, 99¢ each at Save-A-Lot

Lipton Tea bags 100 count boxes BOGO 2 for $4.69 at Publix
-$1 off 1 printable coupon found HERE, you need 2 of these
= $2.69 for 2 boxes, thats 200 tea bags!
School Supplies

You can price match at Wal-Mart of they carry the exact same item, brand, size, quantity etc...

OfficeMax - prices good through Saturday August 24th
Schoolio solid color composition notebooks 80 sheets, first 5 are 1¢ each with additional $5 purchase
Just Basics #2 pencils 12 pack 25¢ each
Schoolio colored pencils 12 pack 25¢ each
Sharpie single markers first 3 at 25¢ each

This weeks 100% back MaxPerks rewards items, which can also be viewed HERE
You get 100% back on all of these offers. You do pay the price at the register when you get these items, but you get back a coupon for the full amount the following month making them free.
OfficeMax brand 8.5x11 multipurpose paper 500 sheet ream, you pay $6.99 and get back $6.98 in MaxPerks = 1¢ after MaxPerks
Duracell coppertop AA or AAA alkaline batteries 20 pack $16.99 each, but you get back $16.98 in MaxPerks rewards = 1¢ each limit of 2 per customer
Avery 8160 white inkjet address labels 750 pack $12.49 each, but get back $12.48 in MaxPerks = 1¢ each
Get 100% back in select Post-It flags in the form of MaxPerks rewards
Get 50% back on Quartet cork or magnetic whiteboards in the form of MaxPerks rewards
Get 100% back in select writing supplies in the form of MaxPerks rewards

OfficeMax cork and white board deals

Office Depot- prices good through Saturday August 24th
Office Depot brand spiral 1-subject notebooks 1¢ each, limit of 3
Office Depot brand acrylic 12 inch rulers 1¢ each, limit of 3
Wilson Jones Basic round ring 1 inch view binder $1 each
Wilson Jones heavy duty 1 inch custom view binders 2 for $8
Wilson Jones heavy duty 1.5 inch custom view binders 2 for $10
Office Depot brand 8inch scissors $1 each
Office Depot brand fashion composition notebooks $1 each

Staples- prices good through Saturday August 24th
***get ready for the new Staples ad starting on Sunday August 28th because there will be a lot of 1¢ school supplies deals on index cards, 2 pocket folders, #2 pencils, cap erasers, plus lots of 50¢ deals***
Westcott Preferred 7inch scissors 50¢ each
BIC velocity gel pens, black 2 pack 50¢ each
Paper Mate magic rub eraser 50¢ each
Staples brand composition books 100 sheets 10¢ each
Staples brand 3 hole binder punch $1 each
RoseArt colored pencils 12 pack $1 each
Free after Staples Easy Rebate items this week:
Staples brand 0.7mm assorted mechanical pencils 12 pack, you pay $4.29 out of pocket, but get back $4.29 after you submit the rebate

Staples school supplies deal

Walgreens- prices good through Saturday August 24th
PaperMate Grip mechanical pencils 5 pack 49¢ each
Wexford brand index cards 3x5 70 or 100 pack 39¢ each
Wexford index card case 39¢ each
Acco paper clips 100 count 39¢ each
Sharpie permanent marker 39¢ each
Selection of backpacks or bags $3.99 each
Wexford brand construction paper 48 sheet pad or 96 sheets 99¢ each
Wexford index tab dividers with pockets 5 pack 99¢ each
Penway wooden ruler 12 inch 19¢ each
Wexford plastic protractor 6 inch 19¢ each
Wexford erasers caps 15 pack or pink 2 pack 3 for $1
Crayola crayons 24 pack 99¢ each
Wexford filler paper 130 sheets wide rule ro college rule 79¢ each
Wexford composition notebooks 80 sheets 99¢ each
Wexford sticky notes 39¢ each
Wexford glue 4 oz 39¢ each
Wexford jumbo glue stick 2 oz 39¢ each
Paper Mate mechanical pencils 5 pack 79¢ each
Paper Mate stick pens 10 pack 79☼5 each
Wexford legal pads 2 or 3 pack 50 sheets 99¢ each
Wexford invisible tape 0.5x450 inches or 0.75x300 inches 39¢ each
Wexford memo mini book 3x5 or 4x6 5 for $1 

BIC Brite Lite 5 pack of highlighters 79¢ each with in ad coupon
-$1 off 1 BIC stationary product coupon in SS August 5th or printable found HERE

Walgreens school supplies deals using the coupons found in their weekly store ad

Home, Health, & Pet
Angel Soft bath tissue 12 regular rolls $3.79 at Sedanos

Milk Bone dog snacks, MaroSnacks or Mini's 10 or 15oz packages, BOGO 2 for $3.39 at Publix
If you do this deal at a Publix that considers Target a competitor, and therefore accepts Target store coupons, there is a Target coupon for $1 off 2 found at making 2 boxes $2.39.

Resolve Spray'n Wash laundry stain remover, Regular or Max 12-22oz bottles OR Stain Stick 3oz stick, BOGO 2 for $3.49 at Publix
-50¢ off 1 coupons found HERE and HERE, you need 2 of them
= $2.49 for 2

Stores I use to Price Match at Wal-Mart for Central Florida Areas
Bravo Super Markets
Winn Dixie

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