Friday, March 9, 2012

Publix: Best Deals This Week

It has been a long time since I have posted because in my opinion there have been no good deals worth mentioning until now.

Stock up on these items as much as you can:

Welch's Essentials Juices BOGO for $3.45
- (2) $0.75 off 1 printable coupon found HERE
= $1.95 for 2 or $0.98 each.
When ever I see juice for less than $1 that is a great price so stock up. I printed out 6 coupons so I got 6 of them, my husband was so happy.

Uncle Ben's Country Inn Rice 6oz BOGO for $1.49
- $1 off 4 coupon found in the Redplum 1/22/2012
or $1 off 3 coupon found on their facebook page, click HERE.
Get 4 boxes = $2.98
-$1 off coupon
= $1.98 for 4 boxes or $0.50 each.
First time I tried this stuff. Its not too bad especially for a quick meal.

Kraft Fresh Take 2 for $4 sale ends March 16th.
- $2 off 2 of these products Publix coupon found in the Yellow Advantage Flyer
- (2) $1 off 1 printable coupons found HERE. Or there are $1 off coupons in the SmartSource 2/26/2012
= 2 for FREE

I used this for the first time tonight to bake some chicken breast. OMG this stuff is awesome. The flavor is great, the chicken is nice and juicy. I am going to stock up on this like crazy. If you run out of $1 coupons there is a $0.75 off 1 coupon found HERE when you sign up. Using two $0.75 off coupons will make them $0.25 each.

I first coated the chicken breast in a little bit of a water and egg mixture. Then I coated it in flour and put it back into the water and egg mixture. This creates a very sticky surface for the Fresh Take to hold onto. I took out all the contents of the Fresh Take mix and put it in a bigger bowl so it was easier to coat the chicken. Once the chicken breast were nicely coated I put them on a metal baking tray lined with aluminum foil. I baked them at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Do not cover them in the oven.

Swanson white chicken breast 4.5 oz cans on sale $1.25 off 2.
You must clip out the $1.25 off 2 coupon which is found on the back of the Publix weekly flyer, for every 2 of these that you buy. Just take as many fliers as you need. This is a Publix store coupon so stack it with:
-$0.75 off 2 coupon found in the SmartSource 1/22/2012 edition
= $0.80 each..... I dont remember how much they are originally, all I can remember is calculating in the store as I was buying them that they came out to $0.80 each can.

Below is a pasta and pasta sauce deal that must be used together.

Barilla Pasta BOGO $1.49 (buy 2 of these)
Barilla pasta sauces BOGO $2.79 (buy 2 of these)
= $4.28 for 2 boxes of pasta and 2 jars of pasta sauce
- (2) $1 off Barilla blue boxed pasta when you buy one Barilla pasta sauce printable coupon found HERE.
= $2.28 for all 4 items or $0.57 each.

In my opinion these are the best deals going on right now at Publix.

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