Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pantene Pro V Free Full Sized Bottle Giveaway

Everyday for I don't know how long, Pantene is giving away free full sized bottles of various shampoos or conditioners. You need to wait for the voting to open up and vote on which product you would like best out of the options shown. If your choice is the first to get 2000 votes, then you won and will be sent to a page that will ask for your address so they can send you the coupon.

Click HERE to visit the Pantene Facebook page where the voting takes place. You must be logged into your facebook and click on their like button to be able to vote. I'm not sure what time it opens, but today it was 8:00pm EST. I set an alarm for 7:55pm so that I would have plenty of time to log in and get on their page. As soon as it was 8:00pm I refreshed the page so I could start voting.

It looks like their Ice Shine collection has won consistently so I voted for that one and won. I could have sworn that I saw tomorrows voting takes place at 9:00pm EST??? I don't know but you can check their facebook for the count down timer shown in top right corner of the picture.

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