Thursday, November 8, 2012

Best Meat Deals This Week

Scroll down to view deals at specific stores. I only post about a few stores that are in my area of Texas or in my families area of Florida. Many of these stores have the same prices in other areas of the country too. Check your local ad first to confirm they have the same price.

Aldi- Based on Kissimmee's Buenaventura Blvd Ad
Prices effective Nov 7-13th

Appleton Farms Smoked Ham Shank $0.99 per lb
Appleton Farms Smoked Ham Butt Portion $1.19 per lb

Arlan's Market- Galveston
Prices effective Nov 7-13th

Fresh Bone In Pork Sirloin Chops $0.97 per lb, limit of 2 with an additional $10 purchase
Boneless Chicken Breasts $1.89 per lb. This is a good price if you don't like cutting off the bone yourself.
Gwaltney Sliced Bacon 12oz $2.49 each
Jones Cherrywood Bacon 12oz $2.69

HEB- Based on Texas City Location's Ad
Prices effective Nov 7-13th
Ok, this place is like a 30 minute drive for me, but if I'm going in that direction I make a stop here. This HEB has very good meat prices compared to the other HEBs around us in Galveston.

Beef T-Bone Steaks $4.77 per lb. I normally see this over $6 per lb so to me this is a good price on T-Bone.
Pork Picnic Roast bone in sold in a bag $0.97 per lb. OMG so much I can do with shredded pork.
HEB Premium Bacon 2 for $5 = $2.50 each
Catfish Fillets $2 per lb, previosuly frozen
Hill Country fare Chorizo 8oz tube, $0.77 each.
FREE Riverside Grade A turkey up to 12lbs when you buy: HEB spiral bone in half or whole ham OR HEB natural spiral sliced bone in half ham. NOVEMBER 10th & 11th ONLY. This could be a great deal if the hams are around $1-$2.50 per lb. Lots of times places say something is free but they hike up the price on the item you need to buy to get it free. In this case they may or may not have hiked up the price on the ham....I'm not sure unless I go to this store and see for myself. It would make for a great deal, especially for thanksgiving if it is a normal priced ham.

Kroger- Based on Galveston's Seawall Blvd Ad
Prices effective Nov 7th - Nov 13th in my area

John Morrell Rath Bacon 12oz,  2 for $4 = $2 each
John Morrell Rath Hot Dogs 12 oz, 2 for $1 = $0.50 each
Bar S Franks 12oz $1 each
Burton Rope Style Sausage 12oz 2 for $5 = $2.50 each
Cook's Shank Portion Ham, Smoked Bone-In = $1.49 per lb

Publix- Based on the Landstar Blvd Ad
Prices effective Nov 8th - Nov 14th

Publix Brand Young Turkey $0.69 per lb, limit 2 per customer
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage 13-14oz package 2 for $5 = $2.50 each

Randalls- Based on Galveston's 61st Street Ad
Prices effective Nov 7th - Nov 13th in my area

Rancher's Reserve Boneless Beef Chuck Cross Rib Roast $2.49 per lb
Safeway Whole Turkey $0.59 per lb with an additional $50 purchase. In general, everything in Randalls is more expensive than in other places so I never hit $50 in one purchase with them. To me this is only a good deal if you regularly shop at Randalls and know your going to buy $50 worth of stuff. Or stock up on tons of the beef chuck that is on sale for $2.49 per lb to hit the $50 mark... If I had a huge freezer and a family that eats tons of beef I would.

Sedano's- Based on Orlando's Orange Blossom Trail Location's Ad

Beef Round Top Round Halves Cut to Order $1.99 per lb
FREE Sedanos Turkey 8-16lbs when you spend $29.99 or more, starts November 15-Nov 22 so get ready! Sedanos has lots of good prices on vegetables, eggs, milk, etc... so it should be easy to hit the $29.99 mark.

Bag of Chicken Quarters, $0.49 per lb. Sold in 10 lb bags for $4.99 each. This is a normal price that my local Walmart has all the time.
Whole Turkeys $0.69 per lb. I always use Walmart as a comparison to see if a price on meat is a good deal. They have their turkeys at $0.69 per lb without any special sales. So if you can get turkey for less than $0.69 per lb, that is a great deal.

Winn Dixie- Based on Kissimmee's Vine Street/ US 192 Ad
Prices effective Nov 7th - Nov 13th

80% ground beef family pack $2.49 per lb

Since I cant physically check this store out I'm a little confused by their buy one get one free meat sales.
For example, Boneless skinless chicken breast is buy one get one free, and all the ad says is save up to $4.69 on 2 lbs. So if you get 2 packages that are 2 lbs each you get one free, making the total on both packages $4.69. This would be 4lb of chicken breast for $1.17 per lb? I will need someone to confirm this. Please comment below. If I am right then this is a great deal on boneless chicken breast.

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