Sunday, November 18, 2012

CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, & Target. BEST deals Nov 18 - Nov 24th

These deals are for ALL stores in the US. Some might vary slightly. But I've never encountered that yet. If you find any nice deals please comment below!

 Black Friday Ad Sales start Nov 18th-24th
***Update*** 11/19 there is now a $3 off 2 Right Guard coupon on!!! $2 ecb when you buy 1 Right Guard Deodorant at $2.99 each. Use a $2 off 2 coupon found in Nov 4th Redplum or the printable version HERE. You pay $3.98 out of pocket for 2 of them, but get back two $2 extra care bucks ($4 total in ecb) making this FREE. Limit of 2.

OR better deal with new $3 off 2 coupon. Buy 2 =  $5.98 - $3 off coupon = $2.98 you pay out of pocket, but get back two $2 ecb = $4, so you get them both for FREE plus its a money maker!!

My free Right Guard shown left :)
$2 ecb when you buy 1 Listerine Zero 500mL product at $2.99 each.Use 50¢ off 1 coupon from Oct 28th SmartSource. You pay $2.49 out of pocket, but get a $2 ecb, making it 49¢.

4 Day Sale Nov 18th - Nov 21st
Finesse Shampoos, Conditioners, & Stylers 7-13oz sale priced at $1.99. Use $1 off any Finesse Hair Care coupon found in Nov 18th SmartSource, makes each item 99¢. This is a great deal on hair care products!

3 Day Sale Nov 22nd - Nov 24th
$3.65 ecb when you buy CVS brand Alkaline batteries 4 pack, at $3.49 each = FREE after ecb

$2.50 ecb when you buy GUM 2pack toothbrushes at $2.50 each, = FREE after ecb. Limit of 2 packs.

Promotions effective Nov 18th- Nov 24th

-Various Nice! brand seasonings & spices are 79¢ each with a coupon found in the Walgreens ad

I got 3 today for 79¢ each. They dont have a huge variety or spices, but they have some good basic ones.

-Jell-O gelatin or instant puddings 69¢ each with coupon found in the Walgreens ad! This is a great price on these.

- Select General Mils cereals 8.9-12.8oz 2 for $4. Use any coupon found at to get them for $1.50 each. Must use your balance rewards card to get this price.

-Nice prices on kitchen electronics. $12.99 for Living Solutions or Sylvania brand appliances: Single, 5, or 10, cup coffee maker, 3 cup food chopper, hand mixer, steam iron, single burner, 6 cup rice cooker, 2 slice toaster, 1.5 quart slow cooker, and 32oz hot pot.

-Yardley all natural soap bars 4.25oz 79¢ each with coupon found in the Walgreens ad, and you must use your balance rewards card.

4.25 oz bars

 -There is also a $1 off yardley soaps coupon in the Nov 18th SmartSource. This is for the 4.5oz sized soaps. Do not confuse these with the 4.25oz sized ones that are 79¢ with the Walgreens coupon. which are $1.49 each, so it comes out to 49¢ each. This is still a great price on natural soaps. I bought some. Funny how these are 4.5oz cost 49¢ while the 4.25oz cost 79¢....anyways I bought them because natural soaps are expensive $3 or more for a bar.

4.5oz bars
-Infusium 23, 8-16oz $4.99, get a $3 register reward upon purchase. Use the $1 off 1 Infusium product coupon from Nov 4th SmartSource to pay $3.99 out of pocket, but get a $3 register reward, making this 99¢! Any hair product $1 and under is a steal so stock up! CVS has some $1 hair care items too.

-$3 register reward when you buy Tums Ultra Strength 1000, 3 tolls with 12ct each, get back a $3 register reward = FREE

- Revlon Colorsilk or Colorsilk Luminista hair colors, 2 for $6. Get back 2,000 balance rewards points when you buy 2 of them for $6, which makes them $2 each after the points.

Special Sale starting Thanksgiving Day Nov 22- Nov 24th

- Edge & Skintimate shave gels 7-8.4oz, buy 2 at $2.50 each get a $2 register reward. Use any of the $1.50 off 2 coupons found at or the Nov 11th SmartSource, to get 2 for 75¢ each.

-Various Colgate toothpastes 4-6oz $2.99 each, get a $2 register reward when you buy 1. There is a 75¢ off 1 coupon in the Nov 11th SmartSource, which if it matches up to the varitiesi ncluded in this sale would make each toothpaste 24¢ after coupon and register rewards.

-PertPlus 2 in 1 13.5oz $2.99 each, get a $2 register reward. Buy 2 and use the $1.50 off 2 coupon found in the Nov 4th SmartSource . You pay $4.48 out of pocket, but should get two $2 register rewards, making the 2 for 48¢!!!

-Clairol Natural Instincts $5.99 each, get a $2 register reward when you buy 1. Use the $2 off 1 coupon in Oct 28th proctor and gamble insert or Nov 11th Smartsource, to get each for $1.99 after rewards and coupons.I could not find this in my local ad, or I just didn't see it...but this deal could exist.

-Carmex Lip Care 0.15-0.35oz $1 each get a $1 register reward making it FREE. Use the $1 off 1 coupon in the Walgreens Cold & Flu Booklet, or one of various $1 off 2, or it could be 30¢ off 1, from October 21st SmartSource. Either way, you get it for free plus an overage if you have coupons.

-$2.99 register reward when you buy Herbal Essences shampoos or conditioners 10.1 oz, or select stylers at $2.99 = FREE. Plus there is a $1 off 2 coupon in Oct 7th Redplum!!! Great Deal!!

-$1.99 register reward when you buy Got 2b spiking glue or ultra styling gel 6oz at $1.99 = FREE.

-$2.99 register reward when you buy Crest 3D white vivid radiant mint toothpaste 4oz at $2.99 = FREE

Ok....I'm juts going to list below the FREE items after the register reward that makes it FREE
Theremacare Back Heat Wrap single packs $3
Hairsil Accelerator shampoo 4oz $7.99
Scunchi No Damage Elastics 18pk, buy 2.  $1.50 each
GUM Super or Micro Tip Toothbrush 2 pack  $1.49
Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Foot Soak 2lbs $5.99
Supernutrition Simply One Multivitamins Men's or Women's $10
Omega Smart Kids DHA Chewable Softgels 60ct $10
Advil PM Pain Relief 4ct $1
Blu Science Trim Blu 60ct $10
Midnite for Menopause Relief 28ct $7
Cepacol Lozenges Honey Lemon flavor 16pk $3
Sheets Sleep Strips 10 ct $4.99
Sheets Energy Strips 10ct $3.99

Other deals starting Thanksgiving Day Nov 22nd - Nov 24th
-Gevalia Coffee 12oz $5.99 each. Use $1 off 1 Walgreens coupon found in the Nivember Walgreens coupon booklet, stack a $1.50 off 1 coupon from Nov 11th SmartSource = $3.49 each.

Dollar General
4 Day Sales Event Nov 18th - Nov 21st

-Libby's Canned veggies 45¢ each. use the $1 off 4 coupon from Redplum Nov 11th to get 4 cans for 20¢ each!!! The best deal I've seen on canned veggies.

I got all 8 cans for $1.60! They had green beans, peas, and a mixed vegetable varieties too. But I only like canned corn.

- Xtra Liquid Laundry Detergent 125-144oz $3.50 each. This is the humungous size detergents. I bought 2. These are $5-$6 at Walmart so your getting a better price than Walmart!

-Maxwell House Coffee 30.65 oz huge canister $4.75 each. Use $1 off 1 printable coupon found at to get each for $3.75! Great deal on coffee.

-Hellmann's Mayonnaise 30oz sale price $2.75. Use $1 off 1 coupon from Nov 11th Redplum to get it for $1.75 each.

-Charmin Ultra soft or Ultra Strong bath tissue 16 double rolls = 38 regular rolls sale price $7 each. Use the $1 off 2 or 25¢ off 1 coupons from Oct 14th and Oct 28th P&G inserts. Final price will vary depending on which coupon you have. If you have the $1 off 2, you get 2 packs for $13, making each roll 41¢. If you have the 25¢ coupon, you pay $6.75, making each roll 42¢. Either way its a great deal because each roll is below my 50¢ or less price point.

Prices effective Nov 18th - Nov 24th

Market Pantry Frozen Turkey Breasts 99¢ per lb! Nice deal on Turkey breast.

Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries, 12oz $1.99 each. Use $1 off 1 coupon found HERE to get it for 99¢.

Market Pantry brand 8oz cheeses $2 each. Use $1 off 2 Target coupon found HERE to get 2 for $1.50 each.

Promotions effective Nov 18th- Nov 24th

$1.98 per lb, Sam's Choice spiral sliced ham

Dole Pineapple slices 20oz can 98¢ each. Buy 3 and use the $1 off 3 coupon found HERE or in the November 4th Smartsource insert, making each can 65¢.I'm sure this will come in handy for holiday desserts. My November 4th edition of Smartsource has a 40¢ off 2 coupon instead, making each can 78¢. It is still a good deal. This is for the bigger 20oz size not the normal 14oz cans.

****If your planning on getting black Friday deals at Walmart, go in there before black Friday and put the same exact item that will go on sale during black Friday on layaway. Then when you go in there on black Friday go pick it up and they must apply the black Friday price to it!!! That way you are guaranteed that they will have that item for you. You must pay off the item on black Friday to get the black Friday price.***

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