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Best Meat, Produce, Dairy, and More Deals This Week

Best Meat, Produce, Dairy, and More Deals This Week

Aldi- Based on Kissimmee's Buenaventura Blvd Ad
Prices effective Nov 21st-Nov 27th

-Appleton Farms Smoked Ham Shank $0.99 per lb
-Appleton Farms Smoked Ham Butt Portion $1.19 per lb

-Appleton Farms Spiral Sliced Half Ham $1.49 per lb

-Celery bunches 69¢ each
-Potatoes, 10lb bag $1.39 each
-Pineapple $1.49 each

Other Deals
-Canned Condensed Soups 59¢ each
-Canned Chicken Broth 14oz 49¢ each
-Canned green beans 59¢ each
-Canned corn whole kernel, or cream style 49¢ each
-Chef's cupboard boxed chicken broth 32 oz 99¢ each
-Baker's Corner chocolate morsels 11-12oz $1.29

Arlan's Market - Galveston
Prices effective: Nov 14th-Nov 27th

-T-Bone Steaks $4.99 per lb
-Fresh Pork Country Style Ribs, $1.19 per lb. My rule with pork is $1 or less per lb, but 19¢ more is not a big deal.
-Rath hot dogs 12oz 99¢ each
-Rath sliced bacon 12oz $2.49 each
-Fresh green beans 88¢ per lb. Great price considering I barely ever see it go below $1 per lb.
- Birds Eye Steam Fresh 10-12oz frozen veggies $1.19 each. Use 50¢ off 2 coupon coming in the November 18th smartsource. Arlans will double this coupon making it $1 off 2, so each bag will cost 69¢ each!
-Yellow squash or zucchini 79¢ per lb

-Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8oz blocks, 4 for $5, Use the $1 off 2 coupon in October 14th Smartsource, or you might have the 50¢ off 1, which will double to $1 off 1. Price will vary deending on which you have. I have two of the 50¢ coupons, so I can get 4 for $3.
Personal Care

-Select canned veggies, Parade brand 14-15.25oz 3 for $1, making each can 33¢ each!!! Great deal so stock up like crazy.
-Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz cans, $1.19 each. Use 50¢ off 2 coupon from September 30th Redpum insert, which will get doubled to $1 off 2 at Arlans, making each can 69¢.
-Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Chicken soups 88¢ each. Use $1 off 4 printable coupon found here to get 4 cans for 63¢ each.
-Progresso canned soups, 4 for $5. Use $1 off 4 coupon found in October 7th and November 11th Smartsource inserts to get 4 cans, each for $1.
-Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes, boxed 3-6oz select varieties 99¢ each. I believe these are the normal boxed potatoes which are included in the coupon for 50¢ off 2 Betty Crocker boxed Potatoes. If so, this coupon will double to $1 off 2 making each box 49¢. This coupon was in the November 18th Smartsource, can be printed here, or can be found on
- Blue Bonnet 16oz frozen least in the online ad it looks like pancakes, 79¢ each.
-Kraft cool Whip 99¢ per tub. Use $1 off 2 coupon found at to get 2 for 49¢ each.
-Swanson canned chicken broth 14oz, 69¢ each. There is a 40¢ off 5 cans coupon in November 4th's Smartsource insert. If I am correct, Arlans coupon policy will double this coupon, making it worth 80¢. If so then buy 5 cans, and get each for 53¢ each.
-Charmin Basic bath tissue, 12 pack for 5.49. There was a 25¢ off 1 Charmin product in the P&G Oct 28th insert. Arlans coupon policy will triple this coupon, making it worth 75¢. Therefore you pay $4.74 for the pack, or 40¢ each roll. I bought this today and it all worked out. My rule with bath tissue and paper towels, is that it is a good price if each roll is less than 50¢.
- Bounty Basic 6 pack of paper towels $4.99 each. In the P&G October 28th insert, you either got a $1 off or 50¢ off Bounty coupon. If you got the 50¢ coupon, it will double to $1 at Arlans. You pay $3.99 for the 6 pack, making each roll 67¢. Not my 50¢ or less mark, but not a bad deal if your running out of paper towels.

Personal Care
-Colgate Toothpastes 6.4 oz $1.19 each select varieties. Use 40¢ off 1, or 50¢ off 1, coupon from October 28th Smartsource, which will double to 80¢ or $1 off 1, making each toothpaste 39¢ or 19¢. You should be getting toothpaste for FREE when couponing, but the free deals don't come by very often. If you have run out or are very low on toothpaste, this is a good stock up price.

HEB- Based on Texas City Location's Ad
Prices effective: I'm still waiting for the ad to be released online. Check back later.
Ok, this place is like a 30 minute drive for me, but if I'm going in that direction I make a stop here. This HEB has very good meat prices compared to the other HEBs around us in Galveston.




Kroger- Based on Galveston's Seawall Blvd Ad
Prices effective Nov 23rd - Nov 27th in my area

Not a very impressive ad this week...
-Split Chicken breasts on the bone 99¢per lb. This is when I stock up on tons of chicken breast. I debone them and use the left over bones to make chicken stock in my crock pot. I cook the stock all day and over night. Then I store the stock in canning jars, label them, and put it in the freezer. I do different things with all the meat. You can grind it and shape them into chicken burgers, meatballs, meat loaf, or chicken sausage. I cut lots of it into smaller strips or pieces for fast cooking. Some I leave whole for roasted chicken breast or chicken parmesan. I wrap portions with plastic wrap and then put it in labeled freezer bags.
-Private selection Angus ground chuck 80% lean, sold in 3 lb package for $7.47 = $2.49 per lb.
-John Morrell Rath bacon 12oz 2 for $5 = $2.50 each

-I wonder if any left over turkeys and hams that they couldn't sell for Thanksgiving are on sale or on managers special?

Nothing significant

-Kroger brand cheeses, 8oz 2 for $2 = $2 each
- FREE gallon of milk when you buy 4 participating general mills items. I bought 4 boxes of cereal, at 2 for $5 and used coupons on them. There are many general mills cereal coupons on The majority of them are 50¢ off one, or $1 off 2. So I paid $8 for 4 boxes of cereal and free milk.

Other Deals

-Kroger brand frozen pizzas, select varieties 4 for $6 = $1.50 each. This has not been confirmed at our Kroger here on Galveston, but is reported in other Krogers.
-Mrs. Baird's Bread, select varieties 2  for $3 = $1.50 each
-I'm looking for the best price on christmas trees. So far Kroger has 5-6 ft douglas firs for $24.99. I saw smaller trees at Walmart for $20. So for $5 more you can get a bigger tree. Sams Club might have good deals on tree too. If you find a great deal please comment below.
-Proctor Silex small kitchen appliances $7.97 each
-Wilton bakeware $4.97

Publix - Based on the Landstar Blvd Ad
Prices effective Nov 23rd-Nov 28th

-Nothing significant this week

- Florida fresh vegetables, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, 99¢ per lb
-Tangerines, 8 for $1
- Red delicious apples, 3lb bag for $2.99

-Bailey's Coffee Creamer 16oz is reported to be on sale at $1.50 each. Use the $1 off Baileys coffee creamer coupon from Nov 18th SmartSource to get each for 50¢! I have not been able to confirm this at the Landstar Publix, but it could exist there.

Other Deals
-Publix brand ice creams 2 for $7
-Pillsbury Toaster Strudels FREE + money maker after coupons and rebate. Buy 4, they are BOGO for $2.98. Buy the special marked ones that are part of the buy 3 get $5 rebate promotion. Then go to the website for the rebate and enter the codes HERE. After the rebate you get 4 boxes for 98¢! If you have any any coupons for 35¢ off 1from September 9th SmartSource, you could get them for FREE.
-Campbells 100% Natural Soups BOGO $2.55 for 2. Use $1 off 2 coupon found HERE to get 2 for $1.55.
-Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17oz, BOGO $7.99 for 2. Print two copies of the $1 off 1 found HERE, to get 2 for $5.99. or $2.99 each. This is a Target coupon. which is considered their competitor so they should take it.
- Hunt's Ketchup 24oz BOGO for $1.85. Get two copies of the 25¢ off 1 or 60¢ off 1 coupon found in the Oct 28th SmartSource. If yours was the 25¢ off, you get 2 for $1.35, or if yours was the 60¢ coupon, you get 2 for 65¢!
-Maruchan Yakisoba Hone-Style Japanese Noodles BOGO 99¢. Use two copies of the 50¢ off one, or maybe you got the $1 off 2 coupon from the Oct 14th SmartSource, to get both for FREE.
- Krusteaz Bakery Style Cookie Mix BOGO $2.69. Use two copies of this $1 off 1 printable coupon found HERE to get 2 for 69¢!!! Think about Chirstmas baking.
-Natures Own Breads  BOGO for $3.09 = $1.55 each
-Natures Own Sandwich Rounds BOGO for $3 = $1.50 each.
-Marzetti Salad Dressing 12-15oz are supposedly $2 each. This is being reported in other Publix's, I dont know if this is at our Landstar location. But if it is, use the $1.25 off 1 coupon from Nov 4th SmartSource to get it for 75¢ each, or use the $2 off 1 coupon from Sept 23rd SmartSource to get it for FREE.
-Pillsbury Crescent, Grands!m or Sweet Rolls 4-12oz $1 each. Use the 50¢ off 2 printables found HERE  to get 2 for 50¢.
-Juicy Juice Fruitfuls 8 pack $1.99 each. Use the $1 off 1 printable coupon found HERE to get each pack for 99¢. 
-Kleenex Tissues 68-184 count $1.25 each. Buy 4 and use the $1 off 4 coupon from Nov 4th SmartSource to get each for $1.
-Truvia brand Natural Sweetener 40 count $3.99 each. Use the coupon for $1 off 1 store coupon found in the Yellow Advantage Flyer, and stack it with $2 off 1 Manufacturer coupon from Sept 16th Redplum, to get each box for 99¢.
-McCormick Ground Allspice, Poultry Seasoning, Cream of Tartar, Chili Powder, Ground Cinnamon, or Ground Ginger 0.65-2.5oz $1.99 each. Use the $3 off 3 coupon from Oct 7th Redplum to get 3 for 99¢ each.

Personal Care
-Maybelline Cosmetics, Expert Wear Crease Proof Eye Shadow $2.99 each. Use the $2 off Publix Green Advantage flyer coupon, and stack it with $1 off 1 printable found HERE to get them for FREE.
-CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow $2.99 each. Use the $2 off Publix Green Advantage flyer coupon, and stack with $1 off 1 coupons found in Oct 28th P&G, and in Nov 25th P&G, to get them FREE or it can be a money maker.

Randalls- Based on Galveston's 61st Street Ad
Prices effective: I'm still waiting for the ad to be released online. Check back later.

I don't know why this store is still in business. Everything is always more expensive then at other stores! I rarely find deals here.




-Pantry Essentials Milk gallons $2.29 each. This is a coupon from the Just U section of the Randall's website. You may have, or have not got this coupon.
-Lucerne shredded cheeses 6-8oz $1.77 each with eCoupon in the Just U section of the Randall's website, if you got it.

Sedano's- Orlando's Orange Blossom Trail Location's AdPrices effective: I'm still waiting for the ad to be released online. Check back later.



Walmart- Galveston location
Prices effective Nov 18th-Nov 24th

-Bag of Chicken Quarters, $0.49 per lb. Sold in 10 lb bags for $4.99 each. This is a normal price that my local Walmart has all the time.
-Whole Turkeys $0.69 per lb. I always use Walmart as a comparison to see if a price on meat is a good deal. They have their turkeys at $0.69 per lb without any special sales. So if you can get turkey for less than $0.69 per lb, that is a great deal.

-Sam's Choice Spiral sliced hams $1.98 per lb. 

-Imperial value pack of 12 butter sticks, 48oz total, $2 each

Other Deals
-4 pack of Libby's green beans $2 each, making each can 50¢ each.
-Swanson canned chicken broth 14oz 60¢ each

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