Friday, November 9, 2012

Pet Food Deals: Cheap Petfresh Select!!

I'm sure all of you here in Galveston has seen the Petfresh dog food commercials saying the only preservatives they use is the fridge. Sounds tempting to me, especially since I'm a health nut and am trying to remove all unncesscary chemicals from my diet, and my dogs diet.

I have just started to track prices on dog foods, with an emphasis on brands that are recognized to be very healthy. I use and to try and figure out which brands are good. You would be amazed by how many expensive brands sold at major pet stores are only as good as the cheaper dog foods sold at Walmart or Target. If I'm going to buy an expensive dog food brand, then it better be good.

Anyways, Petfresh Select got 3 out of 5 stars. Not too bad for dog food sold in a grocery store.

They are $3.49 for 1lb roll. These are found in a mini fridge in the dog food section at Kroger.
Print out the $2 off 1 coupon found on and you can get them for $1.49 each. Some cans of dog food cost more than this!

This is what they look like.

Use the zip code 30303 to find the coupons. To change the zip code go to the Local Coupons tab at the top and type in this zip code. Then go back to the Coupons section. There are actually 2 coupons offering $2 off on this product, but one can only be used at Target apparently. I don't know if our tiny Target here on Galveston sells them. I will check if I go in there. Or please comment below if you found it at our Galveston Target.

Remember you can print 2 copies of each coupon, from each computer. Once you print the first copy, they push the coupon to the very bottom of all the coupons on So you have to hit the "Show More Coupons" button until you get to the bottom to print for the 2nd time.

I'm so happy to have two small yorkies which don't eat a lot of food.

Other notable pet deals:

Kroger has Kibbles & Bits dry dog food 16lb bag for $9.99 each.
HEB Texas City location has Purina Dog Chow or Little Bites Complete & Balanced Dry Dog Food 16.6-18.5lb for $10.77 each.Deal ends November 13th.

Petsmart Galveston location has a new product called Simply Nourish. Its on sale for $25 for 15lbs. I bought this one for my dogs because the first ingredient is meat and not some by product or meat meal. It got 4 out of 5 stars, so thats pretty good.
Since it is new, the price wont last long. I don't know if it will stay less than $30 for the 15lb bag. if it doesn't, then I'm switching to Blue Buffalo or Wellness SuperMix brands because they are highly rated on, and are $30 for 15lb bags. Blue Buffalo got 4 stars out of 6, Wellness got 5 stars out of 6. It will depend on who is on sale when I go buy dog food. If I had bigger dogs that ate a ton, then I couldn't afford the better stuff. My 2 Yorkies take 1-2 months to finish a 15lb bag. One of my yorkies has allergies and sensitivities to certain dog shampoos etc...So I try really hard to give him natural stuff.

If you have a dog whose coat is suffering a lot try this:
Try to avoid washing them a lot. Once a month is the norm for washing dogs. My male yorkie smells all the time because he rubs himself on everything outside. It is very tempting to wash him all the time, but he is the one with the sensitive coat so I have to be careful.

When I do wash him, I use the same all natural bar of soap that I use. It wont hurt your dogs.

In between washes, try a dry powder wash. Get some baking soda and add some lavender or rosemary essential oils in it. Mix everything and put it all over their coat. Brush their coat to get the excess powder out. Thats it. It helps absorb excess oils and gets rid of smells. Plus lavender and rosemary essential oils ward off fleas. My dogs don't have fleas. I don't use any flea medications on them. All I do is vacuum a lot to remove fleas and their eggs from my home, and use the essential oils on my dogs. I live on a island infested with fleas, and I walk my dogs a minimum of 4 times a day, so trust me this stuff works. Plus you save tons of money since you don't have to buy flea medications. My dogs live in doors. If yours lives out doors this probably wont work for you.

As it turns out, I have sensitive skin too, and I switched to only using Kiss My Face bar soaps. I decided to try it on him and his coat looks fantastic! Its a gentle all natural soap, it wont hurt your dogs. Commercial human and dog shampoos, conditioners, soaps etc...have very harsh detergents which strips off any good natural oils which keep your skin and hair moisturized. Plus they make you get oily because your body tries to replace all that oil/sebum as a reaction to it all being stripped away. This was the case with my hair and facial skin. And it was the case with my male dog. His coat was super oily all the time which made the smells worse. Since I switched to using all natural soap my skin and hair has never looked better. It stays moisturized and shiny. Same thing with my dog. His coat is not overly oily anymore, and his hair is not frizzy and dry like it used to be with commercial dog shampoos. I just think some people and animals are more sensitive to things than others. I got his hair shaved down at the groomers like 2 years ago. Ever since he had problems growing hair on his rear back and legs. I went to so many vets and groomers to see what was wrong with him. His back and legs were almost bare! Since switching to more natural dog foods and shampoos his hair has grown back significantly.

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