Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting a good deal at Express

I always wait for a great deal at Express stores before I buy my husbands expensive work shirts. You cant beat the quality of the material their 1MX line of work shirts are made out of. The color selection and fit is superb. But I hate dishing out $60 for a shirt! So I get them at $25 or less.

First off, sign up for their rewards program to have coupons sent to your e-mail ro mailed to your house. Then wait for a sale. Usually sales occur during some kind of holiday, or when school is about to start.

Take Cyber Monday as an example. Everything is supposedly 40% off. So the 1MX shirts I like to buy are $35.50, a very good price for these shirts. Plus today they have free shipping.

I had a coupon mailed to me for $15 off or $30 off depending on how much I bought. I only got one shirt with the $15 off and it came out to $22 with taxes and free shipping! Thats a great price. I often buy work shirts at Ross for $25.

So I am slowly building my husbands stash of 1MX shirts at a great price :)

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