Thursday, January 3, 2013

2 Ingredient Pancakes: Bananas & Eggs

I found a random post somewhere about making pancakes with just eggs and bananas. You can view the original post HERE.

It caught my attention because that means its a very healthy pancake! No added sugars or flours. I'm no gluten free expert, but that would make it gluten free right? And the only sugars it has is the natural sugars from the bananas.

I gave this recipe a try today and I was mighty impressed.

Let me start by saying, I hate making pancakes. I burn them every single time. I'm going to try and adapt this recipe to waffles, if I can eventually.

The batter came out just like pancake batter. The only thing is that these pancakes don't get fluffy or thick like usual pancakes. But they are not dense either. I wonder if I add baking powder or baking soda if that would help the pancakes get fluffy. I will try next time.

I also added a heaping scoop of vanilla flavored protein powder to this recipe. I'm not sure if the protein powder was the cause of the pancakes not getting fluffy. When I do this recipe again, I will make some experimental changes report on it.

Banana & Egg Pancakes Ingredients
2 ripe bananas. But not overly ripe to where parts of it turn brown. Ripe to the point where brown spots start appearing on the skin but before it starts getting squishy.
4 large eggs
1 large scoop of protein powder, this is optional.

Just toss everything in a blender and blend until smooth. You definitely don't want chunks of banana.

It looks and has the consistency of pancake batter.

Get a griddle on medium heat and spray with cooking spray. Cook them on a griddle just like you would pancakes.

Whew, so glad I didn't burn them. I had to watch them like a hawk though.

And there you have it, easy, 2-3 ingredient, healthy pancakes.

I served mine with some homemade sausage. I use Emeril's recipe found HERE. I think it makes for very good breakfast style sausage. Last week Kroger had pork shoulder on sale for 99¢ per lb. I bought a huge piece and I've been making all sorts of things out of it. I cut off 3lbs and ground it with my Ninja blender to make this sausage. I baked the rest to make pulled pork. I used the pulled pork to make my tacos recipe that I posted about a few days ago, and I also used it in a macaroni and cheese with broccoli casserole that was delicious. And I still have more left. 

 I topped my pancakes with more bananas and served it with choice of honey or maple syrup. Of course the addition of this introduces more sugar. You can try a sugar free syrup if your concerned about it.

My husband who is not in favor of my healthy alternative recipes, said the pancakes tasted good, but were not fluffy. He doesn't like my sausage recipe because he says it tastes spicy, even though I put no spicy seasonings in it. Emeril's sausage recipe has some cayenne which I omit because I don't like spicy stuff. To me, the sausage tastes wonderful with the perfect amount of flavor.

I'm not a picky eater. It tasted all good to me. I know as is its not the exact replacement for fluffy restaurant style pancakes, but I was very happy with the flavor and the texture was nothing that I considered bad. When you cook alternative healthy recipes, stop comparing to something else, or you will never be happy. 
Does it taste good? Yes. 
Does it look good? Yes. 
Is the texture good? Yes. 
Ok then, so enjoy.

If you make this recipe and make any changes please comment below so I know how it came out. If anyone has ideas on how to make them fluffier, without adding flour or sugar let me know.


  1. Finally tried these last week. My food processor kicked the bucket though, so I had to mash and stir myself. The batter was pretty good still, but they came out a little eggy. I want to try these again for sure once I replace my food processor. I used flaxseed meal instead of protein powder. They were awesome! Love this recipe :)