Tuesday, January 22, 2013

FREE Paper at Staples Until Jan 26th with Coupon

Everyone can get 1- ream of 8.5in x11in multi purpose printer paper, and 1-ream of 8.5in x 11in pastel colored printer paper for FREE with the coupon you print from HERE. Offer expires Jan 26th.

If you don't use pastel colored paper, just donate to a local school teacher.

I'm pretty sure you need to have the Staples Rewards card, which you can get for free by asking at the register.

The reams of paper cost $6.99 each. This coupon will either give you the $6.99 off instantly at the register, meaning you pay $0. OR it might add the credit to your Staples Rewards card/account to be used later, meaning you pay $6.99 now, but you get the money back, making it free.

Either way, its free paper.

Also, in case you didn't know, Staples has a ink recycling program which will give you $3 back for every ink cartridge you bring into the store. So don't throw away your used up ink cartridges. I believe the limit is 20 cartridges per month, and the credit is available the following month. I use a good amount of ink cartridges very month because I'm a photographer and I run my business from home so this really adds up for me.

Staples is far away from my house, like a 40 minute drive so I've saved up a ton of ink cartridges. I'm going to drive past it tomorrow for an errand, so its wroth a stop to get my free paper and to turn in some cartridges. I want a new keyboard, and I'm determined to get it for FREE after all these promotions.

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