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CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, & Target, Best Deals of the Week

Best deals January 13th - January 19th

These deals are for ALL stores in the US. Some might vary slightly. But I've never encountered that yet. If you find any nice deals please comment below!

Buy $30 worth of select items, and get $10 back as a CVS gift card promotion
There are a lot of participating items in the inclusion list, but the ones listed below are the ones I consider to be a good deal.

-Scott Paper Towels 12 pack at $9.99 each, combined with 75¢ off 1 coupon found HERE with sign up, or in the All You magazine October and November issues. 

***Update*** There is a $1 off 1 Scott Paper Towels pack of 12 or more rolls coupon in Jan 13th SmartSource.

-Scott Bathroom Tissue 12-18 pack at $7.49 each, combined with 75¢ off 1 coupon found HERE upon signing up. There will be a Scott bath tissue coupon in Jan 13th SmartSource, that may or may not match up to the variety of the Scott bathroom tissue in this promotion. If it is, then thats a great deal.

-Various CoverGirl items fit well into this deal, especially if they are part of the B1G1 50% off. Use the $1 off 1 CoverGirl product coupon found in Dec 30th Proctor and Gamble, or you might have got the $3 off 2 coupon instead. If you have a brand loyalty to CoverGirl products, I supposed this is the best time to purchase their products.

-Dawn Dish Soaps 9-10.3oz 99¢ each. Use the 50¢ off 1 coupon from Dec 30th Proctor and Gamble to get them for 49¢ each.

My plan is to use this promotion to stock up like crazy on paper towels. I find deals sporadically on toilet paper, its the paper towels that I have not seen great deals on lately.
I'm planning to buy 3 packs of Scott paper towels and 1 Dawn dish soap, which will make me hit the $30 mark. Each paper towel will be 77¢ after the printable coupon being applied to each pack OR 75¢ each with three $1 off 1 newspaper coupons. However, after I get the $10 CVS gift card in return, thats like getting each roll for 49¢ or 47¢. My price point for paper towels is 50¢ of less. I dont have the Dawn dish soap coupon so my total out of pocket will be:
-three $1 off 1 Scott Paper towels coupons from Jan 13th SmartSource
-$11 worth of extra care bucks I got last week
=$16.96 I pay out of pocket, but I get back a $10 CVS gift card.
Thats like paying $6.96 for all these items, or 19¢ per roll!!! Mine are 19¢ per roll, as opposed to the 47-49¢ per roll, because I had $11 worth of extra care bucks from last week. If you dont have any extra care bucks to apply to this purchase, its still a good price.

Other deals at CVS
-If you love L'Oreal eye and lip cosmetics, you get a $5 extra care buck for buying $15 worth of the stuff. There is a $3 off L'Oreal cosmetic face item coupons from Jan 6th Redplum, which should get you a great deal on something,

-Select Maybelline cosmetics are still going to be buy $15 worth get a $5 extra care buck. There are coupons for Maybelline eye shadows, $1 off 1 in Dec 2nd Redplum and a $1 off coupon in Jan 6th Redplum.

-Campbell's chicken noodle or tomato soups 77¢ each. Use the 40¢ off 4 coupon in Dec 2nd SmartSource to get them for 67¢ each.

A note about balance rewards. Every 1,000 points is essentially $1. You must reach a certain amount of points before you can redeem them. You can redeem them at 5,000 points for $5, 10,000 points for $10, 18,000 points for $20, 30,000 points for $35, and 40,000 points for $50.You redeem them instantly at the register once they scan your balance rewards card.

-Select 18.5oz Lipton teas are $1 each. Buy 1 and get back a $1 extra care buck, so thats getting it for FREE.

-Estroven PM Caplets 24ct $10 each. Get back a $10 register reward = FREE. 

-Crest Pro-Health mouthwash 500mL at $2.99 each, buy 3 get back 4,000 balance reward points (essentially $4 back). Buy 3 mouthwashes, and use three $1.50 off 1 coupons from the Dec 30th Proctor and Gamble insert. You pay $4.47 out of pocket, but you get the 4,000 points, essentially making the purchase 47¢, or 16¢ for each mouthwash. These are the smaller sized mouthwashes, but still, 16¢ for one is a great deal.

-CoverGirl products are B1G1 50% off, plus get 3,000 balance rewards ($3) back. This might make for a better deal than what is offered at CVS, especially when paired with the $1 off 1 CoverGirl product coupon found in Dec 30th Proctor and Gamble, or you might have got the $3 off 2 coupon instead.


Ad is good through Jan 15th
Meat- these are standard prices, that occur in my local Walmart at all times.
-10lb bag of chicken quarters $4.90 each = 49¢ per lb
-Beef brisket $2.19 per lb (at least in my local Walmart)

This is the beef brisket I saw priced at $2.19 for many weeks now. I guess its safe to assume this is a normal price for this cut of meat. There are SO many things you can do with this cut of meat. People even grind it to make hamburgers. This is a huge chunk of meat though, it will cost easily $30, but it will probably make for a ton of meals. This would feed my household of 2 for weeks.
 -Red Delicious Apples $1.17 per lb. Walmart almost always has the best price on apples in my area.

-Huge 18lb bag of grapefruit $3.98 each at Walmart. This is an amazing deal if you love grapefruit.

 -Pears were also at a decent price at $1.27 per lb at my Walmart.

-Hass avocados 50¢ each, atleast in my Walmart they are.
-Activia Light Vanilla yogurt 4 pack on rollback for $2 each. In the Jan 13th SmartSource you might get a $1 off 1 coupon making them $1 for the 4 pack, or 25¢ each.

-Special K Red Berries cereal twin pack, $5 each pack. If each box in the twin pack is the large family sized cereals that are like 22-28oz, then its a good deal. has a coupon for $1 off any 2 Kellogg's Special K cereals, I do not know if this will work on it because this is a "twin pack". Worth a try though. If it works please comment below.

-Kellogg's Mini Wheats Bonus sized, 30oz box $3.68 each. There is also a $1 off fresh fruit when you buy Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats coupon found at There is also a $1 off 2 Kellogg's cereals coupon in Dec 9th Redplum, so you can get 2 for $3.18 each.

-Kellogg's Raisin Bran Bonus sized, 30oz box $3.68 each. There is a $1 off Ibotta app offer, making it $2.68 each, You can only use an Ibotta offer once. There is also a $1 off 2 Kellogg's cereals coupon in Dec 9th Redplum, so you can get 2 for $2.18 each after the newspaper coupon and the Ibotta offer. 

-Pain Relief acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, or children's chewables 88¢ each. Good price for basic medicines.

These are deals that are good with todays, January 13th's newspaper coupons.
-There is a FREE Purina One Beyond cat food coupon in todays paper! I'm not sure for what size bag its for, but still FREE cat food. 

-Celestial Seasonings Teas $2.38 each. Use the $1 off 1 coupon in Jan 13th Redplum to get it for $1.38 each. 

-Poise wipes or wash for $2.97. Use the $3 off 1 coupon in Jan 13th Redplum to get it FREE. 

-Neutrogena Make Up Remover towelettes $1.97 each. Use the $2 off 2 coupon found at to get them for FREE.

-Vaseline lotion 3oz 97¢ each. Use the $1 off 1 printable coupon from to get it for FREE.

-Method cleaning sprays $2.66 each. Use the $1 off 1 printable Target store coupon found at and stack it with the $1 off 1 manufacturer coupon from Aug 12th SmartSource to get it for 66¢ each.

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