Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Refreshing and Healthy Pork Taquitos

I love healthy, wholesome, and flavorful meals. 

Meals with refreshing and bright flavors.

This week at Kroger, pork shoulder was on sale for 99¢ per lb! Of course I had to buy some. I roasted it until it was fall apart tender, with some of my favorite seasonings.

Yup, thats a lot of pork for just me and my husband. I must get very creative with how I use it so we don't get sick of eating pork all week. Make sure you flavor it a lot, it can take lots of seasoning.

Today I planned to make taquitos, or mini tortilla burritos. I'm no expert at what it should be called...

Oh, a note to my future self, DONT buy corn tortillas... the flour ones are softer. Sorry for those of you that prefer corn tortillas. They didn't taste bad, its just the texture was more stiff than flour tortillas.

After your meat of choice has been cooked, time to assemble the other ingredients.

First up, make some guacamole. 

Cut your avocado in half, and dice it while its still in the shell. Then it comes out easily with a spoon. This recipe used half of 1 Hass avocado. To it add lime juice from half of a small lime. Then add a nice pinch of salt. Now it should be easy to mash it up with a fork.

Once mashed, add a small amount of very finely diced red onion. It must be RED ONION. If you dont like red onions or onions in general, then dont bother adding it. However, this subtracts from a bursting flavor quality I love about the red onion. Next add a heaping teaspoon of mayonnaise or sour cream. Mix together. Taste it to see if it needs more salt.

You can serve it in its own shell :)

Assemble the rest of the ingredients. Get your tortillas, shredded cheese of choice, diced tomatoes, whole kernel corn, chopped cilantro, and shredded meat. Deciding not to use corn or the cilantro is non-negotiable. The corn offers a pop of sweetness and the cilantro gives a refreshing bite to the taquitos. 

Assemble together on a tortilla. Sprinkle the top with some chopped cilantro. I recommend adding a dollop of sour cream on top to make it extra moist and juicy.

It is very important that everything is seasoning properly, and is warm when eaten or you can very easily have bland tasting taquitos.

Its a very simple meal that I love.

Bursting with flavor and its very light.

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