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Best Meat, Produce, Dairy, and More Deals This Week

Arlan's Market, HEB, Kroger, and Randalls.

Symbol Key
SS = SmartSource coupon insert from the Sunday newspaper of the date next to it
RP = Redplum coupon insert from the Sunday newspaper of the date next to it
* = stock up price on that item
RED coloration means that item is FREE, most likely with certain coupons etc...

Arlan's Market - Galveston
Prices effective: Jan 30th - Feb 5th

**Coupon Policy** They do not accept internet coupons. They triple any coupon with a value up to 39¢, and double coupons from 40¢ to 50¢. If you have 2 of the same coupon, only 1 of those will be double or tripled. So its best to make separate transactions or make a purchase at a later time if you want to buy multiple of the same item with coupons. This policy is not entirely coupon friendly, and its very limiting, but you can score a few free items very now and then. The fact that they don't accept internet coupons is such an archaic thing though :(.

-Pork chops 99¢ per lb! Limit 2 per customer with additional $10 purchase. This is stock up price on pork chops.
-Roma tomatoes 79¢ per lb
-Fuji, Braeburn, and cameo apples, 99¢ per lb.

-Bell Peppers, red, gold, or orange, 59¢ each

-Lemons 6 for $1

-Kraft shredded or chunk cheese 8oz 2 for $4 = $2 each.

Other Grocery Deals
Home, Health, & Pet Deals

HEB- Based on Texas City Location's Ad
Prices effective: Jan 30th - Jan 29th

-Ground chuck patties $1.97 per lb. Not only is it chap beef but they formed it into hamburger patties for you!

-Bar S franks 67¢ each

-Hill Country Fare seasoned beef for fajitas $2.97 pr lb.

-Hill Country Fare BBQ seasoned beef cross cut ribs $2.97 per lb.   Produce 
-Roma tomatoes 78¢ per lb

Dairy - HEB sour cream or dips 5 for $5, mix and match.

Other Grocery Deals
-HEB Bake Shop hot dog or hamburger buns 5 for $5. I'm pretty sure the 5 for $5 is mix and match.
Home, Health, & Pet Deals
-Hill Country Fare paper towels, 8 rolls $3.97 each.

Kroger- Based on Galveston's Seawall Blvd Ad
Prices effective Jan 30th - February 5th


-Bar S franks or bologna $1 each

-Gala and Fuji apples, 97¢ per lb! If you have not tried Fuji apples I highly recommend it.

-Kroger brand cheese 8oz $1.99 each

Buy 10 save $5 Instantly Promotion (thats like getting 50¢ off each item)
-Kellogg's Cereals, select varieties $1.49 each after promotion. 
There are LOTS of coupons for Kelloggs:
1. Print out any of these coupons found HERE, to get an additional 50¢ off, $1 off 3, or $1 off 2. has a $1 off 2 Special K (if included in the promotion), $1 off yogurt when you buy 2 Crunchy Nut cereals, $1 off any juice when you buy 2 Krave cereals (would work great with the juices featured on the Ibotta app to get even more of a discount on juice), and I saw a $1 off fresh fruit when you buy 2 mini wheats cereals...I dont see it now but you might have it in your selection.
3. has various coupons for print, $1 off 2 Crunchy Nut.
4. Go to Kroger's website and load the eCoupons for $1 off 3 Special K.
5. Plus use the various offers from Ibotta. This is a free ap that gives you money for buying certain items. My Ibotta has a 50¢ off Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, and Mini-Wheats Touch of Fruit, offer. This is definitely a stock up price on cereal! Also, you should join the Kelloggs Rewards program by going HERE. Their products have codes you can put into the Rewards website to get points. Then you can redeem the points for some very nice high value coupons. 

-Post cereals select varieties $1.49 each after the promotion. Get coupons on Honey Bunches of Oats $1 off from Jan 6th SmartSource, and Shredded Wheats $1 off from Jan 13th SmartSource.

-Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese 8oz $1 each

-Allen's brand canned vegetables, 50¢ each after the promotion.

-Kraft BBQ Sauce 50¢ each after the promotion. 

-Hefty One Zip Freezer or Storage bags 12-22 ct $1 each after promotion. Use the $1.50 off 2 from Nov 11th Redplum, or the $1 off 2 from Jan 6th Redplum, to get two for 50¢-$1. This is definitely a stock up price!

-Mom's Best Naturals Cereals 99¢ after promotion! You can get $1.50 off 3 if you sign up on their website HERE. I LOVE this cereal and 99¢ is a great price even without coupons.

-Skinner Pastas 48¢ each after promotion.

-Ragu pasta sauce $1.28 after promotion. Use the 20¢ off 1 coupon from Jan 27th Redplum to get it for $1.08 each.

-French's yellow mustard 8oz $1 each. Use 30¢ off 1 coupon found by registering on their website HERE, to get it for 70¢ each.

-Select cookies like Oreos will be $2.48 after the promotion. Use the $1 off 2 coupon from Jan 6th SS to get 2 for $1.98 each.

These deals are reported to be part of this promotion in other Kroger stores and may or may not be in the Galveston Kroger, but its worth checking out:

-Finish gelpacs, powerball, or quantum $2.99 after promotion. Use the $2.15 off 1 from Jan 6th SmartSource to get a pack for 84¢.

-Hungry Jack has brown potato cartons $1.15 after promotion. Use 50¢ off 1 from Jan 6th SmartSource to get it for 65¢.

-Activia yoghurt 4 packs $1.49. Use the $1 off 1 coupon from Jan 13 SmartSource to get it for 49¢ each.

-Turkey Hill Ice cream 48oz $2.49 each after promotion. Use the $1 off 1 printable coupon found HERE to get it for $1.49 each.

- Chi Chi Salsa $1.49 each. Use the 50¢ off 1 from Jan 6th SmartSource to get it for 99¢.

-Jell-O Mix Ins snacks $1.15 each, or other Jell-O refrigerated snacks $1.49 each. Buy 2 get a $1 catalina, buy $3 get a $2 catalina, buy 4 get a $3 catalina. Plus use the $1 off 1 coupon from Jan 13th SmartSource, to possibly get some of this for FREE.

-Krusteaz cookie mixes $1.69 each. Use the $1 off 1 printable found HERE and using zip code 90210 to get it for 69¢ each.

Other Grocery Deals
-*FREE* EAS Lean 15 Bars $1 each until Feb 9th. Use the $1 off 1 coupon from Jan 6th SmartSource to get it for FREE.

-*FREE* Good N'Natural Bar with coupon from Jan 6th Redplum.

-Kroger brand cake mixes are $1 each through Feb 2nd.

-Ken's salad dressings 9oz are $1 each, through Feb 2nd. Use the $1 off 1 coupon from Jan 13th SmartSource to get it for FREE.

-Kroger brand canned beans 5 for $3 = 60¢ each.

Home, Health, & Pet Deals 
-Colgate Toothpaste 4.6oz and select toothbrushes $1 each. Use 75¢ off 1 coupon from Jan 6th SmartSource to get them for 25¢ each.

- Suave shampoos and deodorants, select varieties 88¢ each.

-Purex Dye Free Ultra packs 24ct $1.92 each- this is a closeout price that may or may not be in your store but its worth checking out. Use the $1 off 1 coupon from Jan 6th Redplum to get them for 92¢!

-Poise feminine products $3.49-$6.99. Use the $3 off 1 coupon from Jan 13th SmartSource to get a good deal.

-Kroger brand cotton swabs 300ct for $1 through Feb 2nd. This was reported by others. I checked in my local Kroger, and I didn't see this deal. A lot of the stuff around the cotton swabs was completely cleared out, so maybe thy were out of the 300 ct packs?


Randalls- Based on Galveston's 61st Street Ad 
Prices effective Jan 30th - Feb 5th


-Rancher's Reserve Boneless Beef chuck pot roast $2.99 per lb.

-Bar S franks 88¢ each


-$3 off your next purchase of $10 or more in the produce department coupon available to load on your shoppers card in the Randalls Just For U section of the website. Check to see if you got this coupon.
-Pantry Essentials milk gallons $2.29 if you have the eCoupon on the Randalls website, Just for U personalized deal. You may, or may not, have this coupon.

Grocery Deals
-Quaker Life cereal or Cap N' Crunch cereals $1.88 with in ad coupon found in store sales flyer.

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