Friday, January 18, 2013

Misc Deals at Kroger & a Reminder to Check your Manager's Specials in the Meat Section!

Miscellaneous Deals at Kroger

-Kroger brand cream cheese 8oz $1 each

-Dont forget to load the Kroger eCoupon for a free 8-10ct of Carnation Breakfast, onto your shoppers card. Its today ONLY.

-Other Kroger brand cheeses 8oz $1.99 each.

-Broccoli heads $1 per lb. Mine had all the extra stalk cut off, which is great because then your not paying for stalks your going to throw away.

-Free Dramamine. Buy the 99¢ trial packs and use the $1 off 1 coupon from = FREE.

-Brillo products BOGO sale. Pair it with the 55¢ off 1 coupon found in Jan 13th Redplum to get some great deals.

Look what I found in the Manager's Special Meat Section:

Beef boneless style ribs $2.09 per lb! I plan to grind this to make meatballs and burgers.

Beef chuck boneless steak $1.79 per lb! Probably use this for a roast of some sort or pound it out thin to make it tender for some beef and broccoli stir fry.

Another package of beef chuck steak $1.79 per lb! I plan to try out this recipe HERE I found on YouTube to see if it will turn these chuck steaks as tender as fillet mignon....we will see.

These are cheap cuts of meat anyways, but at $2 or less thats an amazing deal! My price point for beef is $2.99 per lb or less is a good deal.

These cuts are known to be "tough" so I will have to be smart in the way I cook them. Probably marinate them and make sure to use meat tenderizer. If you do a little research and look up some recipes, you can find great ways to make cheap and tough cuts of meat taste fantastic.

This is a reminder, not only to others but also to myself, to check the managers special section. I frequently pass by it because sometimes they dont look very fresh. But these beef cuts were nice and red and were in great condition. You never know if you will find a good deal. This is enough beef to feed me and my husband for a few weeks....

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