Monday, February 13, 2012

$3 off 3 Smart Balance Products Coupon

This coupon will come in handy for the new Publix sales starting Wednesday or Thursday depending on your area.

I post this so that you will get the coupon now since it is a Valentines day thing and I'm not sure if it will disappear after tomorrow.

Get a $3 off 3 Smart Balance products coupon by sending 2 Valentines e-cards from their website. You must register when asked to log in or register. Go to the website by clicking HERE.

The upcoming sale at Publix is buy one get one free for $2.59 on Smart Balance spreads or sprays. This is a good chance to stock up on some butter.

I would get 4 of them and do the following:

4- Smart Balance Spreads = $5.18
- $3 off 3 printable from Valentines Day e-card
- $1 off 1 Smart Balance spreads from January 8th Smartsource insert
= $1.18 for 4, or $0.30 each

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