Thursday, February 9, 2012

Publix: Stock Pile Worthy Deals Feb 8th or 9th 2012

In the central Florida region the new Publix weekly sales flyer has been issued. Below are what I consider to be the absolute best deals to grow your stockpile.

Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mix: Buy one get one free $2.09
-$0.35 off 1 Duncan Hines coupon found in the February 5th Smartsource insert. You must have 2 of these so that you can put one coupon on each box of cake mix.

= $1.39 for 2 boxes of cake mix, or $0.70 each.
I'm sure these will come in handy for any upcoming birthday parties and celebrations. I know I always am in need of some cake mix. Cake mixes tend to not expire quickly, but just in case make sure you always check expiration dates so you know it will not go to waste.

Post Cereals, select varieties: Buy one get one free $3.93
- $0.55 off 1 Post cereal coupon from January 15th Smartsource insert, get 2 of these coupons
= $2.83 for 2 boxes of post cereal, or $1.42 each

Barilla Pasta Sauce 24 oz: Buy one get one free $3.03
-$1 off 1 coupon found in the January 8th Smartsource insert, must have 2 of these coupons.
= $1.03 for two jars, or $0.52 each.

Some of us might not have the $1 off 1 coupon, but instead got a $0.55 off 1 coupon. This is because this coupon value varied across regions of the country. If yours was the $0.55 off 1 coupon then you will be paying $1.93 for 2 jars which is still not that bad considering how much they regularly cost.

Lysol Disinfectant Tri gger Spray 22-32oz: Buy one get one free for $2.69
- $1 off 2 coupon from February 5th Smartsource insert
= $1.69 for 2 or $0.85 each.

This sale does not happen often, at least in my area so I definitely stock up on these. I use them to clean everything, especially the one that has bleach in it.

Tyson Breaded Fully Cooked Chicken: On sale 2 for $5
- $1 off 1 Publix store coupon found in the Smartsource January 8th insert. Must have 2 of these.
-$1 off 1 manufacturer coupon found in the January 22nd Smartsource insert. Must have 2 of these.

= $1 for 2 bags.
Remember, for every item you can use 1 store and 1 manufacturer coupon together. So you will be using 2 coupons on each bag of chicken, for a total of 4 coupons used overall on this deal.

Jell-O Snacks, various varieties: On sale 3 for $6
- $0.60 off 1 manufacturer coupon from January 8th Smartsource insert. The ideal would be to have 3 of these coupons to apply one to each pack, however I only get 2 Sunday newspapers so I only have 2 of these coupons.
- Buy 3 get one free Target printable store coupon found by clicking HERE.

= $4.20 for 4 packs if you have 3 $0.60 off coupons, or $4.80 for 4 packs if you only have 2 of the coupons like me. But still, its just over $1 for each pack which is great considering the variety I like is around $2.60 each.

Also, remember that the Sominex and Phazyme $2+ money maker deal is still going on until the Green Advantage flyer sales ends February 17th 2012. So later I will post about how much I spent on my trip to Publix with photos.

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