Monday, February 13, 2012

HOT sales week in upcoming Publix sales flyer

I'm really excited for the new weekly sales flyer to start on Wednesday or Thursday depending on the Publix in your area. There are tons of stock up priced items. Below are some of my favorites and deals that are too good to miss. Also, if there are printable coupons try and print them out as soon as possible before they are gone.

Bertoli Pasta Sauce 15-24 oz BOGO $2.79
-$1.50 off 2 Target printable store coupon. Find it by searching through their online coupons by clicking HERE. You can print a maximum of 2.
- $0.40 off 1 Bertolli coupon. This coupon was mentioned on, but did not really specify where to get it. I asked about it and hopefully someone can explain it to me, or maybe it was an error and does not exist. I will update this when I find out.
= $1.29 for 2 or $0.49 for 2 if that $0.40 off 1 coupon exists.

Mueller's Pasta 12-16 oz BOGO $1.57
- $1 off 1 from January 8th Smartsource insert (get 2 of these)
= FREE, plus $0.43 overage/moneymaker

Progresso Bread Crumbs 15oz BOGO $1.97
No coupons, just a good deal since I am out of bread crumbs.

Green Giant Vegetables 14.5-15.25oz BOGO $1.97
Green Giant Frozen Vegetables 7-10oz BOGO $1.99

So there is a huge Green Giant Vegetables sale. I'm not sure what varieties they are or if they are the boxed or bagged version. These coupons are available:
$0.50 off 2 printable by clicking HERE.
$0.60 off 3 from the January 6th General Mills insert.

If these coupons match up with any of the varieties on sale then it could possibly be a great deal.

Wishbone Dressing 16oz BOGO $2.65
- $1.50 off 2 Target printable store coupon, click HERE.
- $0.50 off 1 manufacturer coupon from January 29th Redplum insert (get 2 of these).
= $0.15 for 2!!!

Smart Balance Spreads or Spray 8-15oz BOGO $2.59
I would get 4 and do the following:
4 Smart Balance Spreads or Sprays = $5.18
- $3 off 3 Smart Balance Products from sending Valentines Day e-cards, click HERE.
- $1 off 1 Smart Balance Spreads in January 8th Smartsource insert
= $1.18 for 4 products, or $0.30 each.
Check the expiration dates on the ones you buy to make sure you will use it all before it expires.

Tyson Breaded Chicken, Steak Fingers, etc... lots of varieties 16-32oz BOGO $5.99. I assume these are the bagged Tyson products not the boxed ones.
- $1 off 1 Tyson from the January 22nd Smartsource insert (get 2 of these).
= $3.99 for 2

Kraft Shredded Cheese or Chunck Cheese 7-8oz BOGO $3.49
- $1 off 2 Target printable store coupon, click HERE.
- $1 off 1 any brand of Cheese manufacturer printable coupon found HERE. This coupon is for FL residents only. Print 2 of these.
= $0.49 for 2. I barely ever see a deal this good on cheese so stock up if you live in FL.

Halls Cough Drops 20-25 ct BOGO $1.49
-$1 off 2 coupon from February 5th Smartsource
= $0.49 for 2 bags

I heard about this sale on but I have never seen a sale on cereals like this before, or a 2 day sale of any kind at Publix over the past year since I started couponing. So until I see this stated in the actual flyer which does not get released in my area until Thursday, I'm a little skeptical. However, if its true, then stock up like crazy on Kellogg cereal coupons. If they are printable coupons hurry and get them before they are all gone. Here is where to find some:

Kellogg's website, click HERE.
$1 off 3 found in January 8th Redplum insert

Also, depending on the variety you buy, you might qualify for a FREE $10 gas card if you buy 10 boxes of the varieties listed. More information on this rebate can be found by clicking HERE.

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