Monday, February 20, 2012

Coupon Classes & Cheap Orlando Sentinel Subscriptions

If you need info on how to get started couponing, The Simple Truth foundation has a program that can help you out. They have teachers who will visit your home to teach you, and a minimum of 10-12 of your family and friends all about couponing. Plus, whoever hosts the class in their house gets a $20 or was it $25 Publix gift card (if they are still doing this). Last time I took a class was in November and they gave me a Publix gift card for hosting it.

Their classes are FREE. They teach couponing in the hopes that people will get into it and start stocking up on things so much that they will donate food and other products to the homeless shelters and food banks they work with. They said that the bad economy we are facing has caused less donations so they are trying to help couponers in the hopes that they will give back.

For example, vitamins and medications frequently go on sale and I don't even need them but I buy them because I made money off from them. For example, the Sominex and Phayzme that I bought because I made $2-$3 off buying 2. I don't use this stuff, I didn't even know what it was until I bought it. I have like 8 boxes each of Sominex, Phayzme, and Exlax because of these types of sales. I'm going to donate mine.

Or sometimes pasta, canned items, and boxed dinners go on sale and with coupons they cost just a few cents. This makes it easier for people to afford buying a whole bunch and just donating it. Ok, ok, I'm talking a lot...

To schedule a class visit their website and contact them by clicking HERE.
I guess they have some classes held inn Public places or you can have a private class held in your home.

Most importantly, you must get 2 subscriptions to your local major newspaper to get the Sunday coupon inserts. You must get them in sets of 2 because when a product is BOGO you need 2 copies of the same coupon. Where I live the Orlando Sentinel is the best source for coupon inserts. The Simple Truth Foundation has paired up with them to offer couponers a better price on newspaper subscriptions especially since they know we most likely will buy more than one. This is simply the best deal out there. You can get a 13 week subscription for $24.55 which includes newspaper delivery Wednesday through Sunday. Sunday is the most important one, but every now and then I get special Publix coupons (like the $5 off $30 coupon that came with the Viva Italia sale flyer that came on Wednesday) or you get retailer coupons like the Bealls and JC Penny's $5 off your purchase of $25 or more. Anyways, the subscription costs $24.55 but you get back a $10 Publix gift card in the mail 3 weeks after you subscribe, thus making it $14.55 per subscription.

You can purchase your subscriptions online by clicking HERE.
Trust me, the cost of the subscription will pay itself back in a matter of 1 to 2 weeks. You will save tons of money by having the Sunday coupon inserts.

In my household of 2, I only need 2 subscriptions and I get everything that I need and more. In a family of 4+ I would probably get 4 subscriptions because you probably go through food and other items much more quickly. I believe the Orlando Sentinel has a limit of 4 subscriptions per household. Don't forget that if you live in the Central Florida area you might be getting El Sentinel delivered to your house every Saturday which has the same exact coupon inserts as the regular Orlando Sentinel Sunday newspaper. The best part is that El Sentinel is FREE. However, I'm getting reports for some people that they have not been receiving El Sentinel for weeks now. It is the newspaper that arrives on Saturdays in the red and white bag dropped on your lawn.

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