Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FREE Nivea Lip Care at Publix

 At Publix Nivea Lip Care products are on sale with the Green Advantage Flyer which ends on February 17th. On the front of the flyer you will see that it says Nivea, Eucerin or Aquaphor 25% off, right below that in smaller writing it says "Nivea Lip Products 0.17oz 2 for $3.00

Pair up the green advantage flyer coupon with the $3 off 2 Nivea products coupon found in the February 12th edition of Redplum and get 2 lip products for FREE.

I probably post the most about deals at Publix because in our area its the best store around. Here in Central Florida we only have Publix, Wal Mart, and Target, as our main major grocery chains. I know that in other states you have more variety of stores.

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